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Discussion: (14 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    We have learned over and over again that government cannot handle efficiently taxes much less complicated than Obamacare. Why would there be ANY expectation that it would be able to handle something this large? This is why markets work well. They weed out players who cannot do something well. If government had to actually compete in the health care market, they would be weeded out as well.

    1. Linda Lawrence

      If I understand the facts correctly, Medicare has very low overhead compared to our current insurance companies.

      1. Lol. A government sponsored plan is cheaper to run than a private plan? Do you not see the conflicts? the government gets to write the rules, cook the books, and punish its competitors. Of course Medicare looks cheaper on its face, until you actually pull off the mask. The reality is the government doesn’t cover its costs and providers stick the consumers with private insurance with a bigger bill to compensate.

  2. “Republicans, meanwhile, should see that a delay will give them more time to build the broader argument against the law and to advance their alternatives.”

    So says someone more versed in policy than politics.

    Most people don’t react strongly to things that might happen sometime in the future. We prefer to wait until such time as we get kicked in the teeth (Pearl Harbor, 9/11, saving for retirement, global warming, etc.).

    The only way to get enough people riled up enough to force through either a repeal or a substantial revision of Obamacare is to wait until they get kicked in their teeth. Let the law take effect, let people lose their insurance and access to the doctor of their choice. Watch companies cancel coverage. Wait for doctors to quit over cuts in reimbursements. Apropos of the old line, an anti-Obamacare voter is a pro-Obamacare voter who was told she had to wait three months for an appointment.

    Deferring Obamacare will only delay the day of reckoning. And only at their time will there be broad support and pressure to repeal it.

    1. Seattle Sam

      If “broad arguments against the law” actually had much effect, Mr. Obama would not have been reelected. The Oprah Nation requires videos of sympathetic people weeping and wailing over being charged more for insurance — or having to pay for their own contraception.

  3. just last week, two big components were already delayed till 2015; the Federal Basic Health Plan Option (FBHPO) and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP exchanges)

  4. Nah, let the health law implementation train wreck proceed apace. We should have given Obama ALL of his requested tax increases too with no opposition.

    Obama is a one man wrecking ball for the economy and he is also ruining any remaining social cohesion in this country. It’s time for the truth to be so plain that even idiots (of which we have plenty) can see it.

    Check out my blog “Small Businesses Create the Most Jobs and ObamaCare is Killing Them”


  5. ch hoffman

    I commend Messers L & C on their insight into the ills of the ACA

    Now, all they have to do is come up with an alternative to extend medical coverage to those who can’t afford it, and we’ll consider them truly inspired. Until then, they’re just rehashing the same “we can’t” and “we won’t” that the GOP has been blathering for 3 years.

    1. Your premise is absurd. Just because the democrats come up with a bad idea doesn’t mean the republicans have to offer an alternative other than “Hell no!”
      A great deal of people you say “can’t afford” insurance some how can afford two cars and cable t.v. Can’t afford it my ass.

  6. Isabelle Terry

    Let’s implement Obamacare after everybody on Earth is already deceased…. save the middleman.

  7. So if after the ACA is in full implementation and this coming train wreck you claim of does not come to fruition,what to blame then?

    1. The second coming of Christ. The only way disaster will be averted is if obamacare never gets implemented in full.

  8. ch hoffman

    when the writers of this article and their financial backers can present an alternative which will extend health coverage to the currently uninsured, then their criticisms of the ACA will carry a lot more credibility

    1. there’s no burden to provide an alternative to a bad idea other than “hell no.”

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