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  1. Fiddlesticks

    Yikes…Jeb kind of contradicted himself in the same paragraph. He implies 1) that not granting citizenship could deter “another wave” motivated by amnesty euphoria, then he says 2) many don’t prioritize getting citizenship anyway – permanent residency is just fine (and the kids are likely birthright US citizens).

    He is right about 2), so it’s not very savvy of him to claim that denying citizenship would discourage future amnesty seekers.

    Furthermore, even though citizenship hasn’t been a popular option for the Class of ’86, if you take that option away for the Class of ’13…guess what? It will become a way to bash Rs real fast. “They are already here, working and paying taxes. They’re affected by politicians’ decisions, just like you are. Don’t you want them to feel engaged in our communities and our civic life? Taxation without representation!”

    So much for “taking the issue off the table”! I guess Jeb is just a glutton for punishment.

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