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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Tatersalad

    8.3%, up from 8.2% is NOT good news after the Obama administration has been in office for 4 years. Will Barack and his minions blame this on GWB……….still? You bet! Watch, listen and then just shake your heads when this happens.

  2. Mr. Mark

    “Who could disagree?” – Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Feinstein, Stark, Lautenberg, Durban…. (to the tune of the American version of “I’ve Been Everywhere”).

    There’s plenty government could do. Getting out of the way is an idea.

    On a side note, what is the significance of 63%? (I’m statistically-challenged.)

    1. @Mark, The 63% in of itself is not so relevant as is the trend that 63 out of 100 Americans were employed previous to the 2008 downtrend. Just think of it as a baseline. The number isn’t entirely relevant –the trend is. Essentially what the graph is trying to portray is that in order to maintain the status quo rather than regressing further, we need to stay above that baseline.

  3. Vercigenitorex

    The creation of jobs alone is not enough. Remember we have a partial moritorium on the payment of social security taxes in place and the majority of jobs being created are in the lower 50% of the tax brakets. This means marginal help in dealing with the federal budget and unstustainable entitlement spending other than a reduction in unemployment benefits. That is to the extent that the person being employed was receiving benefits at the time of hiring.

    Because taxation is so heavily skewed toward payment by the top 10-15% of Americans no real assistance with our budget issues will occur unless we create more jobs in the top 10-15% bracket.

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