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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. Sadly, even at an AEI blog, it is Jon Stewart who gets to set the standard for political humor. I think if James Lileks were liberal, people would have noticed that he had already “gone over” this stiff ahead of Stewart and funnier (this was from the print edition of National Review which was also later posted online)

  2. SeattleSam

    The coin was simply a ruse to get around Congress’ authority. Of course, it makes no real economic sense. Just when you think Krugman can’t sink any lower . . .

  3. who actually suggested it? I don’t recall Obama threatening to do it.

    is this a self-created right wing boogeyman?

    1. SeattleSam

      I don’t know who the very first person to float the idea was, but Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) was the loudest voice in Congress and Paul Krugman was the one who talked about it the most in print. I’m not sure whether these people qualify as right wing boogeymen.

      1. no those two are not… but most of the downstream chatter has been from the likes of the right wing media…

        not sure Obama has ever mentioned it at all.

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