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  1. All electronic, real supply chain networks that have ever been developed in the Modern Information Age and by constructing 2-D market processes have acted as “job killers” or as blocks to new business creation.

    Could I suggest you take a look at this article? How a “3-D” supply chain process system could revolutionize business – Strategy – CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly

  2. Points taken. So why in the world do you support a massive expansion of immigration and guest-worker programs? “This labor market is awful – let’s add more labor to it!” Show me an industry in the U.S. with rapidly rising wages, and I’ll agree that sector needs a labor influx. By this standard, we only need a massive influx of foreign bankers, lawyers, lobbyists, and CEOs. Let the rest of the American labor market catch its breath before adding tens of millions to the pool.

  3. I agree with you that we don’t need more on the government dole than we have now. letting more people in the states would only cause havoc! 108,000,000 people are on some sort of assistance. About 10 million new people were added to the welfare rolls in just the two years from 2009 to 2011. AND… the total number of 108,000,000 does NOT include those receiving Social Security or Medicare. You know they lie about how many, if they say 10,000,000 it will be closer to 20. They (politicians)are running this country to the brink of self distruction! Vote them out. End the FED! End the IRS, and all those POS commies!

  4. If the Fed thinks it´s a sign that they´ve done enough, they are wrong:

  5. Matthew Ferrara

    So, let’s see: Real inflation in food, energy, health care and education are rising; house prices are rising again; mortgage interest rates are rising; and unemployment, while rising, is falling “qualitatively” in terms of hours worked and wage-levels.

    Put this all together and The Bernanke concludes that it is probably a good time to take his foot off the gas?

    What could possibly go wrong?

  6. mesa econoguy

    Jobs report sucked:

    70% of all job additions, or 135K of 195K, in June were for the lowest paying jobs.
    Part-time jobs + 360,000 to 28,059,000 – an all time record high. Full time jobs: Down 240,000
    So far in 2013, just 130K Full-Time Jobs have been added, offset by 557K Part-Time jobs

    More here:

  7. mesa econoguy

    And U-6 under- and unemployment is now 14.3%, up from 13.8%.

  8. steven h

    Wow! I can confirm that – just checked the BLS website.
    -240k full-time jobs. Not good, people.

  9. steven h

    …And some day we will tell our grandchildren about ‘the Great Recession.’ It continues.

  10. Benjamin Cole

    The Fed has always disconcerted markets by ever quavering about the future of QE. Never does a Fed official, or Bernanke, say something to the effect, “We will taper down, or taper up, depending on future circumstances.”

    With inflation at 0.7 percent PCE y-o-y, and unused capacity up the wazoo, and weak labor markets, why would the Fed taper down?

    In part, because QE is still considered “unconventional.”

    I got news for the Fed: QE may have to become a permanent part of the Fed arsenal for growth.

    If you hit ZLB, then lowering interest rates more is impossible. And when did the BoJ get out of ZLB?

  11. CynicalAmericanVoter

    This amnesty bill will add millions more the Obamacare mess in the short term, and as these folks get citizenship, they can then sponsor all their poor (and sick) relatives via family reunification. How long do you think our health care system will last? We’re adding 30 million previously non-covered individuals, this amnesty will add 11.5 or more millions, then based on the 1986 pattern, these 11.5 million will each sponsor (on average) 5 individuals, so the total could easily top 100 million additional individuals in the health care system–how many more health professions, clinics, hospitals, and other health related facilities and supplies will be needed to cover all these additional participants? This amnesty bill is going to be a long-term health care disaster if it passes. Once again, the Democrats, failing to consider the full and long term consequences of the Obamacare bill, are about to repeat their mistakes via the ACA.

  12. CynicalAmericanVoter

    sorry I meant to say that the “comprehensive immigration bill” will repeat the mistakes of the ACA.

  13. headwinds to job creation ObamaCare creates for business

    1) new regulatory compliance costs
    2) new taxes
    3) mandates
    4) implicit uncertainty
    5) higher healthcare costs

  14. Jerome Barry

    On the bright side … survival of individuals will depend upon having a spouse and the two of them having 2 part-time jobs and that will give people enough income to have the American Dream but they won’t have any vacation accrual so, here’s the bright side, we won’t need to keep funding any of those National Parks.

  15. The numbers just make me feel sick. Who’s deceiving who?

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