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Discussion: (330 comments)

  1. COCOCAT or whatever your name is…what part of and I QUOTE’ And recall that back in 2009, Team Obama predicted that if Congress passed its $800 billion stimulus plan, the unemployment rate would be around 5.6% today. PERIOD CLOSE QUOTE. What PROMISE has he kept? YOU HAVE TO STOP BLAMING OTHERS SOMEDAY…and start taking responsibility for you OWN actions. THE BUCK OR SHOULD I SAY THE BAM BAM STOPS HERE TODAY! GET OFF IT…HE IS THE WORST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE NIXON. and your defending him say one thing and one thing only…your JUST LIKE HIM.

  2. Hey dummy, the reason there’s no job growth is because of policy NOW, do you understand? Bush is not president and hasn’t been for 3 1/2 years. What has this guy done to create an environment for job growth???? Answer…… Waiting…. Waiting….. NOTHING, except make it worse… Damn, you’re DUMB

  3. john crump

    How cand the Dems Pelosi Reid Axelrod Holder continue to cover up then TRUTH about Obama, Whay has NO one showed the youtube video that Obama made BEFORE he was in the limelight in it and I have seen and heard it several times, Obama says boasting! “I WAS BORN IN KENYA” NOW that makes himlegally unqualified to be Pres,LUS it show howcrooked the Dems are and they are equally to blame for the mess that having Obama as Pres has cause! Woould someone explain to HOW tis could happen in this ONCE great country.

    1. NOBAMA2012

      I’m Barack Insane Obama your Welfare Momma and I approve this message!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well it’s not his fault! He can’t even get his social security number right. What’s more he knows that we don’t deserve a lower unemployment rate and when we are good he will bestow it on us. Your questioning of his judgment will only make him punish us more.

  5. Chad Daly

    Bush was not the best Republican by any means but all this talk about him driving over the fiscal cliff is ridiculous. First the house was controlled by the Democrats during Bush’s last two years and the Chairman of the Banking Committee Barney Frank a Democrat said everything was fine in May. Then gas prices started there climb. A week after McCain pulled even in the polls with Obama the collapse took place. Then after Obama was elected gas prices were down by January. HMMMM! I believe a handful of Arabs purchased existing oil supply. A small amount on paper could change prices. (Sold Short as well) because they hoped to get us out of the middle east. Then Obama the most Anti-Israel president in history starts to run in 2012 and the gas prices start to drop 5 months before the election. A coincidence I am sure!

  6. Acton27

    The benefit of a scientific protocol is that it can predict what will happen in the future. Keynesian economics predicted that the economy would improve and the unemployment rate would go down faster with government stimulus. Friedman economics predicted that the economy would get worse and the unemployment rate would be less likely to go down with the government stimulus. Friedman wins again.

    The evidence is more and more compelling that taxing the economy to cause governments to be able to spend takes good economic growth from the private sector and replaces it with tepid economic growth in the public sector. The private sector is better at allocating resources for a greater return. Government is good at wasting money. What part of this is so hard?

  7. Billy Billino

    RufusVonDufas…I’ve been a Federal Law Enforcement Agent for 23 years “government worker”. It may surprise you to know that almost all of my fellow agents are conservative republicans! We pay taxes, buy homes, send our kids to college, and patronize all the businesses run buy private sector folks. My guess is that you and your family members utilize numerous public services provided by those horrible government workers. Our republic has always been a balance of private and public sector business and services. Study our history with an open mind and you may surprised at what you learn.

  8. The democrats controlled the house and senate during Bush’ last two years. Obama had the super majority in the house and senate in his first two years. Obama and his democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

  9. patmanion

    Obama and his pie in the sky- they have been saying the econemy has been getting beter for since he has been elected and it is always hovering around %8.2 and then revised every week to reflect in the fine print all crapola-
    Obama and his team of pot head head card board characters with no substance destroying the country.
    America is so soft andl tolerant. A pos corn fart in the wind is the result of the obama leadership.
    I wonder if their is enough people left who know the diffrence between a jive clown and some one who actually thinks about what is best for the country and understaneds from personal experience- and do not tell me Obama has any experience other than how to fart in Lincolns bed and pretend to be white playing golf.

  10. Hey Choco Cat!
    You need to stick with something you can understand.
    Sure things started down under Bush. Anyone can see that. The ignorant guy that followed him has done absolutely everything wrong since inaugurated. Everything!
    Nothing done by this ignorant president will create jobs that stimulate the economy to growth. All the stimulus bills have done is create more debt. Think for a minute there “Choco”. Ask yourself this….does adding more debt to what you already have make things better for you?
    You do know that debt needs to be repayed. When debt rises then taxes must rise. When the economy is slow and taxes rise even on the wealthiest, there is less spent naturally within the economy. You will spend less with your new debt as well. Our government now spends $1.6Trillion per year more than taken in from taxes.
    Our national debt now exceeds our Gross Domestic Product. This means everything our nation makes in a year would not pay off our debt. The recent Buffett rule to tax the wealthy @30% failed to pass with MANY democrats voting against the bill. The FACT is that taxing those that make $250,000 or more per year at 100% of their income would not pay our deficit. FACT.
    2.) the Federal Reserve has moved rates to ZERO, AND IS KEEPING THEM THERE INDEFINATELY. zero % rates destroy capital. Business cannot stand zero rates because it applies continual pressure on them to profit. Also note that last year the FED was forced to buy 70% of the US treasuries issued, because no one else would. This is more money creation to buy our own debt.
    Every dollar created makes all the existing dollars worth less. Remember that. Ignorant Obama, and not Bush is doing that! This apparently is the “change” he promised.
    Oh, and that “free” healthcare…….well it ain’t free!
    Every bodies taxes are going MUCH HIGHER!
    enjoy your change!

  11. The stimulus would have worked even better if the obstructionist GOP congress would not intentionally try to destroy the job growth which was working for a while. They stalled the jobs bill to stall this economic growth for a political advantage. They rater hurt Americans and destroy lives then loose an advantage politically. They are actually opposing their own conservative policies that they were espousing. Now since Obama is trying to compromise they have changed their tune. It clearly shows and Americans are not fools.

    1. Were you bitching with equal ferocity about the obstructionist Democrat Congress which was elected in ’06 with the specific aim of stopping BUSH’S agenda??

      When everything tanked in late ’08, Bush could have used the same argument you are using now. “Oh, everything was going GREAT until all those damned obstructionist DEMOCRATS were elected!” IMHO, he would have had a much better case than Obama because up until Dems were put in control starting in ’07 things WERE going great!

      Republicans were not given control in ’10 to rubber stamp Obama’s flailing, free-spending agenda, nor were they elected by accident. They were elected by a dissatisfied electorate to do exactly what they are doing and take away the credit card Obama was abusing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a short-sighted idiot.

      1. 28 jobs bills in the Senate passed by the House, and Prince Harry will not let them come to the floor for a vote. NO budget for over 3 years due to Prince Harry and your socialist party.

        Suggest you get at least half a brain.

        1. Please re-read my post, I think we are on the same team.

          My point was that “obstructionism” is only a problem amongst libs when THEY are being obstructed. But when they are DOING the obstructing it is “democracy in action”.

      2. Let’s see: the Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House for six years, if I recall correctly, then the crash was caused because the Democrats took back Congress, but not the White House, for two years. Is that seriously your assertion? Are you aware of the veto power of the Office of the President? What activist government intervention did the Democratic Congress thwart that would have prevented the collapse that laissez faire had brought us to? I know that a lot of Democrats were leery of Paulson’s claim out of the blue that we needed 600 billion in immediate stimulus, but eventually he got his request, didn’t he? I even wrote my Congresswoman, who had voted against Paulson’s first stimulus bill, and urged her to hold her nose and vote for it in the next round, which she did. I think there may have been a delay of a week — is that why you imagine the Democrats ‘obstructed’ Bush’s agenda? Because that’s about the most they did, and indeed they really didn’t have the power to force anything else: they could stop government action, but they couldn’t compel it.

        And, honestly, I think a Congressperson is being grossly negligent if he’s willing to vote for 600 billion in stimulus that the Administration claims out of the blue to need RIGHT AWAY without A LOT of skepticism, even if it means a weeks delay. Don’t you agree?

        1. the crash was caused because the Democrats took back Congress, but not the White House, for two years.

          yes, that is correct

        2. The notion that EITHER party alone caused the crash is inane. I dare say we may have a tacit, fragile agreement there? It was a systemic problem that had it’s roots all the way back in the ’90s. Though current Democrat propaganda is relentlessly focused on laying all blame at the feet of Bush, propaganda which I am sure you are more than happy to reflexively regurgitate.

          My point was merely about Dems trying to cover their current haplessness and abysmal economic numbers with relentless, shrill cries of “obstructionism”…cries that were conspicuously absent in ’06 when THEY became the ones doing the obstructing.

          Why was “stopping government action” so commendable in ’07, but so lamentable NOW??

          And do try to realize that it is not Republicans or Democrats who are actually doing the obstructing. The opposition party, whichever one, is merely the instrument of it. It is the ELECTORATE who is displeased and seeking a change in direction, whether in ’06 or ’10.

          1. Richard Jones

            Why does nobody realize that the “Great Recession” and housing bubble affected Europe BEFORE it affected the US? Read about the “Recourse Rule” and how it affected the global economy and likely kicked off the global recession:

        3. Richard Jones

          Why do liberals constantly criticize the policies of Bush II? I understand (and agree with) the war and social criticisms, but Bush was NOT a fiscal conservative and instead followed liberal big government policies. Bush and the Republican Congress during his first 6 years significantly expanded the role and cost of government: NCLB, PATRIOT Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, Medicare Part D, more housing assistance, Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Obama voted for it!), and numerous new tax credits and subsidies. Then, when the Democrats gained control the House and Senate, it got even crazier with the pathetic “Stimulus”, HERA, and TARP. Every one of these is an expansion of government and increased spending, which is the lifeblood of Democrats! So every time a liberal/progressive/Democrat points a finger at Bush, I totally agree, but I see the same basic policies.

          The thing to realize is that the Republican party is changing – and not by its choice. The American Conservatives are waking up and realizing that the party that supposedly represented it for the past few decades was just as bad as the opposing party. Although I don’t agree with the Tea Party whatsoever on social issues, I do agree with its foundation, which is smaller government and a return to fiscal conservatism. As long as we can keep the new Republicans/Tea Party from implementing their social agenda, the country will be far better off under their watch.

    2. 30 jobs bills have been passed by the House. The republican controlled house. Every one of them were not even voted on in the Senate. The democrat controlled senate. Who is interfereing with job growth.

    3. Get-out-of-the-way

      The house has passed a couple of job bills and they have not come up for vote in the senate. I would say that the DEMs have been the obstructionists. If they would vote on their own bill and try to compromise with the house we may have a bill, which could go to OBAMA. But I don’t believe that it fits the DEMS talking point.

      The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over 1130 days. By the way, you cannot blame the Republicans, because you only need 50 votes on budget resolutions. They cannot even perform their basic functions as a legislative body.

      Vote out the Senate Dems in November.

    4. Do you actually believe this nonsense? ‘Stimulus’ spending is money removed from the productive economy and redistributed by the idiots in Washington to their pet projects and friends. It diverts money from productive people to non-productive people. For good measure, they slice of a big chunk just to run the bloated Washington machine. The only alternative to raising the money this way is debasement of the currency through the Fed which steals from the poor and middle class and further destroys the real economy. ‘Stimulus’ does not work, and it never has. Stop buying into political propaganda and educate yourself. It is not about one party, it’s about both parties. The whole system is rotten.

    5. Not quite Tony. That line of fanciful delusion shows that you are a fool. Democrats had the Presidency and both houses of Congress. They were not interested in doing what it takes to create the conditions conducive to job creation. They were more interested in expanding government through bad legislation, the so-called health bill, and then pouring billions into the pockets of their constituencies like the public employee unions through so-called stimulus. Hurting Americans by maintaining a political issue rather that solving a problem has been the Democrat mode of operation since the reconstruction. I am tired of hearing mental pygmies like you distort, lie and display your considerable ignorance while your incompetent, corrupt, racist, worthles political party lays waste to the country and the future of our children. Truly the fool the fools strategy of the Democrat party is working on dupes like you. It is disgusting!!!

  12. picomanning

    This time is different. This time America has no industrial base which can compete with the world. The developing world does not carry the ball and chain of social ‘saftey nets’ as America and Europe. This time the ‘developed’ world is awash in artificial money. And this fiat ‘money’ has yet to find it’s bottom by which our economies might gain traction. We will never gain traction by adding fiat debt to the engine of growth. It is akin to putting too much oil into the engine with the hope of additional lubrication to create more efficiency. It’s worse than wrong. It’s destructive. But what it does do, and the only thing our current economic policies do, is buy more time for our mindless idiot politicians and keynesian Progressives to stall coming up with a viable solution to the economic tar pit America and Europe find themselves in. Individual citizens should take serious notice NOW. We are not going to be coming out of the depression until government destroys the departments of waste. Look at most if not all of our government agencies. Consider them what they are. They are the manufacturers of the tar we find ourselves mired in. The mothers of these agencies cannot see outside their bias. We are being destroyed by our government. Individuals must act to protect themselves. Leave the cities. Sell your stuff. Buy what you need when you get to a safe place. I won’t suggest where. I know where. Do your homework and go. Go now before the panic sets in. It IS your only chance. With social upheaval you should expect marshall law. Leave soon. God Bless America.

    1. “Leave the cities. Sell your stuff. Buy what you need when you get to a safe place. I won’t suggest where. I know where.”

      Where do you find this people?

      What a joke. Keep ‘em coming!

      1. You think what he said is a joke? Stay in your city and laugh while you can. If you bother to do the math you will see that America is in a hole that is getting deeper every day and all it’s citizens and Government want to do is dig faster. There is simply no scenario in which this Country and it’s fiat money is not going collapse. It is already bankrupt. When you have to borrow money in order to pay the interest on money you have already borrowed, it’s game over pal. No Nation in history has come back from that position and we aren’t going to be the first. Our manufacturing base is gone forever and with it the good jobs that made the middle class possible.

        Instead of mocking people who are smart enough to see the truth and are taking action, you may want to invest some of your time into finding out how to save yourself and your family from the anarchy that is coming.

        On second thought, just keep laughing. People with the attitude you have are what got us here. Natural selection is a bitch when you are stupid.

  13. Dishonest article.

    What matters regarding the stimulus is not whether things are still bad, or whether the Obama Administration was sufficiently prescient in its claims about what future the stimulus would lead to.

    Among honest people, the significant question is, are we better off, having had the stimulus, than we would have been without it? And, given that the conservative AEI decided to try to finesse the real question, it’s clear what they think the answer is.

    And we can expect that if Romney wins the Presidency, AEI and the Republicans in Congress will suddenly decide that, “due to changes in conditions,” stimulus is a good idea.

    1. Dishonest argument.

      “Just imagine how bad things WOULD be had we not rung up that extra trillion on the credit card.”

      The actual answer to what you say is “the significant question” is clear on the graph. By the government’s own inane chart, unemployment would only be .1%-.2% higher at this point WITHOUT the stimulus. Except it is actually much higher…so how can you suggest the stimulus worked?

      C’mon…you only have to whine like this when you are FAILING.

      1. Weak beer.

        One, that gap between the two curves? That’s people’s livelihoods. It’s not, ‘Gosh, we ended up in the SAME place!’ It’s that we avoided a lot of pain along the way. You’ll be dead eventually — does that mean you should be indifferent between being painfully executed today and dying of old age in a few decades?

        Two, when you’re not using the Administration’s assumptions to prove a point, you seem to recognize that they were wrong. Clearly they assumed (foolishly, in my opinion) that this was a ‘normal’ recession, from which we’d bounce back strongly within a few years. It is not that animal. Given the obstructionism of the Republicans, it was unlikely that an argument that this was an exceptionally bad collapse could have carried the day (although some of us have not forgotten that Bush and his Treasury Secretary Paulson showed up at Congress one day out of the blue and swore that we needed 600 billion in stimulus RIGHT AWAY, and that they got it, largely on the strength of support of people now preaching) austerity).

        Anyway, I get that you hate Obama, and that you hate the idea of the government helping its citizens through economic crises, but please try to transcend that if you want to prove anything to me. I don’t share your preconceptions.

        1. who was it that wanted that 600 billion?
          Who was in charge of the house?
          Who were in charge of the senet?
          where do spending bill start from?
          if the rules are followed the president cant make any laws.

          1. Shameful, MSQ. Pathetic. Stupid.

            Unless you’re truly an idiot, you know as well as I that the Bush Administration and the Fed basically presented to Congress that the economy would fall off a cliff without the stimulus. And you want to pin the stimulus on Congress.

            When you have to lie so blatantly, what you probably really need to do is change your conclusions.

          2. JD…Bush present TARP to the congress – not the stimulus.

        2. Oh, please…don’t pretend you are merely a disinterested, non-partisan, observer-of-truth in all this.

          There is simply no current metric that can be used to even suggest that the stimulus was helpful. You choose to ASSUME it was, knowing full well that it is impossible to prove otherwise, even though NEITHER curve in the presented charts (or any concurrent chart advertising the would-be effects of the stimulus) has demonstrated any particular veracity. So be it. All I know is that the stimulus was tremendously expensive and did not work AS ADVERTISED, which is more than enough reason for any logical person to oppose further efforts in the same direction. If you want to “move the goalposts” and suggest that the effectiveness you choose to retroactively assign to the stimulus is success enough, then that is your choice. But don’t pretend that opposition by the electorate in the face of such bald-faced failure was unwarranted.

          You further choose to believe that even though Obama’s policies had been unsuccessful up until early ’11 (which is why Republicans won in ’10), had he been allowed to continue on the same course things would necessarily be much better. You evidence this by pointing out the fact that he was stopped by the electorate and things have not improved. That is what is called a “leap of faith”, and Obama’s unsuccessful efforts in his first two years and his rigid unwillingness to change course tend to disprove your hypothesis. Fewer and fewer people, according to polls, are willing to take that leap with you. You seem “hope-nytized”, and I suppose there is nothing intrinsically wrong with remaining so stalwart in the face of such a blizzard of demonstrable and continuing failure. Some might commend you for it, as one might commend a loyal pet. But have the courage to realize your support of him is at least as reflexive as my opposition.

          Republicans were not elected in ’10 by accident, and had Obama’s policies been seen as effective in 2009-2010 he would have been rewarded with a compliant congress and would have been allowed to continue unhindered. They were not, and HE was not. This same thing happened to Bush in the ’06 election, and I bet you weren’t bleating about “obstructionism” then!

          Obama needs a scapegoat, and you seem more than happy to point to the House, who were elected to do exactly as they are doing…just as they were in ’06.

          Bottom line, as I said, is that you don’t have to whine about doing your best, redefine what success is, or point your finger at other people unless you are FAILING.

          1. Wow, what condescending response. Nice work.

            Your plan is to go the austerity route. Good choice. How is Great Britain doing with their Austerity practices? What was that; they’ve narrowly avoided another recession? I guess that is what Republicans want. That way they can blame the Democrats, cut even more and deepen the divide between the those to have all the breaks and those who don’t. Great idea.

            If the economy didn’t shrink almost double than what was originally thought, the stimulus would have been more affected. However, now that the money is running out, the economy is faltering again. Didn’t we go through the same thing back in 1937?

            If austerity did work back in 1937, didn’t work Great Britain and isn’t working for the Eur-ozone, what makes you think it will work here?

        3. Thoughtful American

          The point you are missing is that it is a government created economic crises. Look at the last chart, the democrats took over congress in 2006 and republicans took the house of representatives in 2010 which stopped the bleeding by “Obstructionism”.

          1. Um, the Democrats took over in January 2007. The recession started in December of 2007. Please show us the bills that caused the recession.

        4. spamster

          Whose pain was avoided? Certainly not the taxpayers’…

          1. The banks pain. Thanks for bailing them out.

      2. Acton27

        I wish we could make people understand that spending $1 trillion does NOT have a stimulative effect. It takes much more than $1 trillion in investment out of the economy. All money comes from someplace, even if we like to believe the government can just print more money without it having any effect — it either comes from taxes — current or future — or it comes from a debasement of the currency.

        I was there when the stimulus bill was enacted, and heard the requests come in for “shovel ready jobs.” No one knew what that meant, and in any event, it didn’t matter, because the stimulus money was dedicated to persons on the National Conference of Mayors list — all liberal cities that needed bailouts. None of the funds truly went to places worthy of the added investment. It is sad that people still are laboring under the delusion that the stimulus would have worked “if only…” We all knew it would not work from the git-go.

    2. JD,
      I’ve been trying to find a good debate where ‘honesty’ was prevalent so I could determine how thinking people justify Obama’s arguments. I’m still looking. Your premise about how Romney will act is baseless and reactionary. If you look at how the stimulus money was actually spent (or not spent on ‘shovel ready jobs’) you learn that much of it was spent on lining the pockets of Obama supporters and progressive pet projects. Not to say that NO good came out of the stimulus, it’s just that a good portion of the money was not well spent I think all would agree. The most disingenuous argument of all to divert attention is how ‘rich’ people aren’t paying their fare share of taxes. How do you make those numbers work (or even matter)?? How do we trust government to be good stewards of our money with such reckless spending? When (or how) has government done a better job than the private sector in job creation? Those are the honest questions to ask this November!

      1. If you want to know how government creates jobs, just ask Reagan; he grew government more than any other Republican in recent history which is saying something. Republicans ALWAYS grow the size of government and increase the national debt. Which Republican president was the last one to balance a budget? Hint, he was crook. Hint 2: It wasn’t Reagan.

        1. Kern,
          Well, Obama has put this process on steroids!! How can you assume that we can keep paying for any more of this non-sense? Time to try someone who isn’t a Washington Insider or Community Organizer pandering to a radical base. When replying to someone’s post I’d like to suggest directly commenting on points made therein instead of diverting. Still waiting for a good debate! Incidentally, I’d take Reaganomics over Obamanomics 10 to 1! The proof is in the results.

  14. Jugears McKenyan Sr

    SO is this like Harvard Affirmative Action math AKA “MAFF CLASS”? Seems like everything in the world of Barry’s stats everything is just lopped in half… the Chicago way ya know, do whatever it take

    Even stomp the constitution like Daley did (and Obama does with little compunction at all) with his illegal gun ban for over a decade, a move that that caused the deaths of thousands of therefore unarmed Chicagoans who obey the laws, the non ovoter community basically.

    Speaking of which, HE should be brought to trial for every single person shot to death by an Illegal or felon o voter. And Obama brought in for a whole plethora of illegal stuff. Pick em…

    1. I love how AEI gives such as open forum to out and out racists.

      Truly committed to free speech here, no doubt.

      “Jugears McKenyan Sr”

      So insightful. Any ideas where the President was born?

      1. Kevin Fodor

        The question should be – where did the President get his Social Security Number…

  15. GW Stevens

    You’ve never been right yet jackass…why should we believe you now….jerk

  16. KipNoxzema

    Look at the ratio of job growth compared to Reagan and pick the best party go with this November. It really is as simple as that.

    1. Compared to Reagan? Yeah, I guess comparing to more recent Presidents like the two Bushes wouldn’t make more sense. LOL

      1. Reagan tripled the national debt and raised taxes on the middle class. Let’s do that again.

  17. When if ever is this country going to wake up, tar and feather this focker and get on with real business? These aren’t even real numbers or terms. Unemployment “rate”? BS, this is the number of NEW APPLICATIONS for unemployment benefits, NOT the number of people out of work. Two or maybe THREE times this number is accurate if you want to count the ACTUAL unemployed-why is this system set up to LIE by it’s very nature?

    1. Paul Coolidge

      Yes, they do not even count people like me that were denied unemployment benefits; I am still unemployed but I do not count! How many are there of us who could not get or have run out and still unemployed??

    2. ‘Tar and feather this focker?” Dialogue like that kinda puts you personally in a category of irrelevance! Although I do agree with the rest of your commentary. Clean it up, please, so you can be taken seriously.

  18. Back in ’04, Senate candidate Obama chastised George Bush for lauding the May, 2004 jobs numbers. “It is far to early to celebrate. Though these numbers are encouraging, it is not enough”.

    There were 314,000 jobs created in May, ’04. Kinda puts this month’s jobs numbers in perspective, doesn’t it?

  19. King Obama and his loyal band of socialist idiots, has lied about everything, so what is new? The ‘hopey-changey’ loons can’t see beyond their Pinocchio noses and continue to destroy America. We cannot afford another 4 years of this idiot-in-chief.

    RECESSION–when your neighbor loses his job

    DEPRESSION–when you lose your job

    RECOVERY–when King Obama LOSES his job

    GOD Bless America

    1. Bush averaged less than 90 jobs a month for 8 years. If you count the jobs lost in his last 6 months, he average less than 45,000 jobs a month. He had a much better economy. Should we cut taxes more so the wealthy can save more money or should we do something that has worked in the past and start rebuilding our roads an bridges?

  20. So, how’s all that Hope and Change working for you?

    1. I really Hope there’s Change……in November.

  21. James, I included your CITED chart in my blog showing that since the beginning of recovery summer 2010, more people have gone on disability than have dropped off on unemployment. Great recovery!! NOT

  22. The economy started to downhill when it looked like obama the kenyen was to be elected.

    1. Yep. The DJIA was at 10 or 11 k the very day he was nominated and it plummetted to I think around 6500. Pretty strong statement. What I don’t understand is how can it be around 12k today with unemployment so high and jobs down.
      Did companies trim the fat like they accuse Bain capital of doing. It’s interesting to watch guys like Romney get attacked for making money. Every company does it, they all send jobs overseas Microsoft, liberal AT&T Wireless outsourced (although Cingular more conservative didn’t like that idea), I continually hear rants and raves and then a complete lag of dialogue or reply when the liberals are challenged.
      I cant tell you how many folks I work with that love Obumbler and hate his policies. I see emails saying they aren’t going to $500-$x000 a plate fundraisers. Yet they will still vote for and support him in some way.

  23. Don Edwards

    Obama is on course to sustain the unsustainable. It will be hard to believe his hutzpah–he will run away from his record and will attempt to run as a debt reducing centrist. We all know his main objective is a major tax increase, which he believes will somehow shatter Republican unity, and with this his handlers feel may dampen the Tea Party’s election-turning intensity. Obama, also in the worst way, needs the Republicans henceforth to be cast as complicit in this wretched recovery, that up till now has his and the Democrats greasy thumb print and ugly signature all over it.

    Americans now are aware of the need for some type of government re-trenchment, heretofore it was not even part of the Washington debate. Americans are also aware strictly speaking Obama is not believable. Obama and his minions submitted a budget that would have accelerated our descent into further debt, but the Democratic Senate rejected it 97 to 0. Medicare will soon run out of money and will be unsustainable no matter how much taxes will go up. He advertised Obamacare as a reform of Healthcare and it was not a tax. He vaguely promises to “look at” savings from entitlements and when V.P. Biden announced he had identified $2 billion in discretionary spending cuts–a sum equal to a rounding error in the GM bailout–his frugality pantomime was akin to more rehetorical floundering.

    Obama’s presidency has been irreversably nuetered by two historic blunders made at the outset and defined his socialist ideology. It defined itself by healthcare reform that most Americans did not desire, rather than focus on a badly needed economic recovery. It also allowed and even encouraged self-indulgent liberal majorities in Congress to create a Stimulus that confirmed to every conservatism’s portrayal of liberalism or socialism as an
    undisciplined agglomation of huge parochail appetites. This political payoff to Obama’s pals discredited stimulus as a policy to every American.

    Obama dare not run as a liberal in 2012 but can’t hide his liberalism. The lefts narrative in 2012 is by not offering another stimulus the Democrats and Obama are being frugally centristic. However, America will be almost 40% through a lost decade—and worse toward a
    loss of National Identity. This is the stigma Obama can not hide from America and the world.

  24. Victoria Morris

    The point I would like to comment on is the Obama Team claim that had Congress passed their stimulus plan the unemployment rate would be down to 5.6%. I do not agree with this prediction because with these bailouts companies are left less accountable and have less incentive to conduct low risk activities if the government is just going to step in and save them when they mess up. With the money from the bailout companies may create new jobs but there is no guarantee thats what the money would be used for. Too much government involvement can become dangerous which is what worries me about the current economic conditions. As the Fed and the Obama administration try to stimulate the economy they have to not only focus on the short run but on the long run, which is where the time-inconsistency problem comes into play. I find that when discussing the economy too many are focused on the Presidents policies, where in reality he does not have much of a say and the economy ultimately lies in the hands of the Fed. Whatever Obama is trying to achieve is mostly aimed at short run since politics are involved and he obviously wants to improve his own reputation. Obama’s main focus should be on reducing rather than inflating the national debt. This is a prime example of trying to solve short run issues that can cause long run problems. As Obama wants to bailout companies to create jobs now, what kind of effects will a huge national debt have on our future economy, including the labor market? Right now I believe we need to focus on how we can make the economy stronger for the future so we can avoid turbulence like this in the future.

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