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Discussion: (7 comments)

  1. I”m no fan of the FRAUD known as Barry Soetoro/o’bama but WHY are we the word’s peacekeepers? The answer is NOT what you think. It’s because the Federal Reserve wants to keep their FAKE MONEY as the world’s money so they can manipulate the world and countries who want to get away from the “petrodollar” ruling are thus ENEMIES!
    It’s all about the Federal Reserve AGAIN putting the country in WARS for their sake. It’s NOT about security since the CIA, at the behest of the Rulers, CREATES most terrorists by finding nuts and supplying them with indoctrination and weapons.

    1. RonRonDoRon

      Can you explain, in terms understandable to people outside of the fevered conspiracy dream you live in, how military might keeps the US dollar the “world money” (by which I guess you mean the preferred reserve currency)?

      1. Look up the history of the PetroDollar. Obviously, you don’t believe in conspiracies. You probably believe Oswald was a lone gunman (despite a later government study saying there was a “conspiracy”). You probably believe the tales of what started our wars, too. I don’t have the time or interest in educating somebody who could quite likely just be a TROLL for the “government” so it’s up to YOU to educate yourself.

        1. RonRonDoRon

          In other words, you are either unable, or unwilling, to state your case in a straightforward, understandable way.

          I understand the concept of Petrodollars and the hypothesis of the advantage to the US of oil being paid for in dollars.

          How is military might forcing the world to pay for oil in dollars? How is it forcing oil producers to accept only dollars?

          1. unwilling, AS I SAID!

  2. Um, as a guy who just turned 62, you got the “young Republicans” all wrong.

    The tea partiers care about what the government does and why it does it more than mere size. RINOs, on the other hand, care only about whether enough people running as Republicans get elected so that the lesser RINOs can get committee chairmanships.

    There is huge wide and deep waste in DoD. Anyone who can’t walk in tomorrow morning and find $10 billion or so to cut before lunch isn’t looking very hard. And on this “world policeman” thing, there is this problem of the US REPEATEDLY going into a place like Somalia (or Lebanon or anywhere else), shooting a bunch of people largely at random, getting bored, and simply going home. That spends money (ammunition and fuel are the 2 largest expenses in DoD), kills Americans, and does nothing for the locals.

    The Republicans will never get any respect from the American voters until they make it clear that they stand for something other than shipping money to defense contractors instead of solar panel startups.

    1. well said

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