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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. Gee Mike; is this website an Obama cheerleader like the NYT? Did you miss the OTHER reports?

    1) employment participation is at an all-time high record with 296,000 dropping out just last month.

    2) We now have a record high number of people working two jobs and working part-time and that ONLY THOSE CATEGORIES gained, while full-time jobs took a beating.

    Thinking this website is either pro-Obama or run by market makers.

    1. Than if you don’t like it,you can easily go on a Fox News website,or,newsmax plenty of conservative options available to spin the positive payroll report to your liking.He didn’t say it was a blowout number,he mentioned how the labor market was far from healed.Obama can’t force people back into the labor force pushing up the participation rate,they’ll re-enter in due time,and when they do the rate will rise, just like it has in every other recovery.

      1. Nice! Drive away readers. Your article is not good news when taking into reality and facts.

        If you belive BLS figures, perhaps you should find another profession because only low-information idiots belive the junk you and guys like Krugman spew forth in an effort to help this administration keep it’s job approval. Any amateur economist with basic math skills can pick apart BLS figures once they look at the whole picture. Failing to report the whole picture is lying through omission. Consider that Mike!

      2. They cannot re-enter if there are no jobs.

        Mike, I apolo0gize. My browser took me to a weird screen and I didn’t realize I was not responding to you.

        Kevin: Lying doesn’t halp anything. With 296,000 more jobs out of the market and the revelation today that the gain were mostly part-time jobs, there is not one ray of sunshine in that jobs report. Saying anything else is a lie.

  2. R Richard Schweitzer

    There is an additional factor, now referred to as “job splitting,” for which statistical adjustments are probably not yet available.

    Job splitting occurs when what was previously a 40 to 50 hour assignment is broken down into assignments of 28 hours, or less. This is done in connection with achieving a delicate balance between the numerical count of employees in a business enterprise, and the classification of those employees for various regulatory and “benefits” considerations.

    Thus, the increase in the “number of jobs” does not necessarily indicate an increase in productive assignments. It is possible that job splitting creates the need for those employed at a “split” job to obtain additional employment in order to subsist.

    Until that are statistical adjustments have been made, it is likely that more attention should be paid to increases or decreases in productive payroll hours.

    1. What many of the naive optimists like to ignore are the constant changes in definition and methodology that make the reports look a lot better and drive a wedge between the official story and the experience on Main Street. What gets to me is why the people who normally support the GOP go along with the lies being reported.

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