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Discussion: (10 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    Truly hair-raising developments.

    1. morganovich

      well, at least they used chest hair.

      otherwise it could really have been the pits.

      1. Surely, people wouldn’t wear something like that in pubic, would they?

  2. Jon Murphy


  3. Methinks

    I have to think there are easier, more attractive and cooler ways to deflect men’s attention from women’s legs. Peasant skirts, for instance.

    1. There you go using common sense again.

      1. Methinks

        I know….I’m so behind the times :)

  4. both moochelle and barry o’bama have ordered one!

    1. Methinks

      I don’t know. I’m thinking the chest hair to make the coat was harvested from Michellle.

      [Is that a drone I see in approaching in the distance?]

  5. Ritvars

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