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  1. Citizen B.

    The Grantland article by Bill Barnwell is very interesting and informative.

    Barnwell points out the lowest vig (commission) bet is on the coin-toss at two cents($.02), but is essentially giving money to the house.

    1. Citizen B.

      Just in case you are wondering about the number of times heads or tails has come up in the XLVI Super Bowls:

      There has been an equal number of heads results (23) as there has been for tails results (23). Interestingly, the last four Super Bowl flips have all been heads.

      1. Jeez! What are the odds of that? :)

        1. morganovich


      2. And based on the last four tosses being heads, what is the probability that the next toss will be heads?

        1. morganovich

          um, 50%?

          is this a trick question?

          are you concerned about a loaded coin?

          1. It’s a trick question.

            Not everyone who bets on things believes the probability of the next toss being “heads” after 4 in a row is only 1/2.

            I should know better than to ask questions like that at Carpe Diem. :)


  2. morganovich

    how many time will kaepernick “kaepernick” during the game?

    i’m hoping for about 8.

  3. “Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.”
    – W. C. Fields

  4. “Will the team that win’s the coin toss win the game?”

    I’d ordinarily ignore “win’s” for “wins” but I can’t let it pass, given the periodic rants here about “its” and “it’s”. :-)

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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