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  1. The Unknown One

    Completely off-topic.

    I just read, on pg. 13 of Continental Resources latest investor presentation, that existing, planned and proposed oil takeaway capacity for the ND-MT Bakken will increase to ……. are you ready? ………………….

    ………… over 3 million barrels/day by Q3 2017.

    Of course that doesn’t mean all that capacity will be used. But still …

    Download and scroll to pg. 13

    It’s got lots of info on Continental’s new SCOOP too.

  2. The housing market is behaving like a drunk having a Bloody Mary to cure a hangover. Alcohol and caffeine may provide some temporary relief, but only purging the bloodstream of alcohol will cure the hangover, or in this case, purging the system of real estate appreciation kool aid.

    The HELOC and perpetual QE are like meth. addiction. There a rush of euphoria and energy, then the down, followed by another hit to repeat the cycle. More is required each time for the high and energy boost. The face starts to deteriorate due to meth-induced obsessive compulsive (OC) behaviors. There are pimples and itches that are scratched until they become scared craters. It’s not very pretty.

  3. Anybody interested in a fully renovated 3100 sq ft home on 1 acre 9 miles from the washington monument?

  4. Benjamin Cole

    With supplies constrained, prices battered, and interest rates at all time lows, there has never been a better time to invest in housing.

    With leverage, look to double, triple or more your equity in next several years. Wall Street won’t do that for you.

    Good luck all!

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