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  1. The first should be titled biggest bank with Headquarters in a given state. Its not the biggest bank in the state. With nationwide branching, it would be interesting to make a plot of the biggest bank in terms of deposits in a given state. As an example consider that Wells Fargo is really Norwest banks of Minneapolis in disguise, as indeed (although in this case the HQ did not change location) B of A is really NCNB. In both cases they took the more known name for the merged result.

    1. marque2

      Wells Fargo is still headquartered in San Francisco. I have heard of taking the lesser banks name in a takeover – but never heard of taking the acquirees headquarters as well. It was definitely Norwest that merged in Wells fargo. Norwest also merged their operations unit to the Wells Fargo unit in With Dakota.

      Bank of America was a huge bank in its own right headquartered in San Francisco (I think it was originally called First bank of Italy) it was definitely the lessor of the merger – losing the Nor cal headquarter in favor of the parent bank in North Carolina.

  2. #3. It’s refreshing to read such great news for a change, but before anyone believes Leawood,Kansas has become a bastion of reason and common sense, consider that Leawood is also the location of the swat raid in #5.

    1. morganovich


      alas, any small victories for common sense just seem to get lost in the noise of outrages like this:

      1. Morg

        mom jailed because she let her 9 year old…

        Obviously a better choice would have been a local hospital or fire station where child abandonment is legal. Not nearly as much fun as the park, but safer – for mom.

  3. Joe Bannister

    Interesting Nos. 3,4,5,6,7 relate to excesses and depredations of…local government. Possibly even No. 1–state banking laws are archaic and redundant.

    All of here rant and rave about the federal government. But try to open up a push-cart soup stand in your city. It won’t be the feds who shut you down. Grow some pot in your backyard–and end up with an modified M16 rammed up your ass by the local sheriff. Visit a call girl and get strip-searched—not by her, but by the Hometown PD.

    I can’t even buy an alcoholic drink in my city after 2 am. My local government will determine whether I can do that or not, or if I can dance she buying that drink, or watch a naked girl dance.

    My federal government? Well, they are on the other side of the fence. They are propping up the world’s greatest narco-state of all time, Afghanistan. The world’s powerhouse of opium production, once we kicked out the interfering Taliban.

    I wish I was making this stuff up.

    1. morganovich


      and we wish you would try to make even the rudiments of sense.

      you do realize that you are pointing out that most of the links above are about local government as part of your rant that people here only “rant” about the federal government, right?

      isn’t this piece quite conclusive evidence to the contrary?

      you endlessly repetitive tourettes is tiresome.

      hell, i even agree about prostitutes, soup carts, pot, booze, and the fact that state and local government are a big source of problems.

      but your endless repetition of the same, verbatim comments wrapped in stupidity like your claims that somehow folks here, who are talking about the intrusion of local governments are somehow not aware of the intrusions of local government is so banal and annoying, that you do your own (and my) cause harm.

      seriously, is this some form of tourettes or what?

      1. Joe Bannister

        While you are sniveling at me, your idiot President just asked Congress for another $59 billion…to spend in Eatcrapistan, the narco-state created with your tax dollars.
        Why whine and whimper at me? Its your foreign-policy military establishment that eats tax money out of your wallet.

        1. As a percent of GDP, molitary spending is near an 80 year low. Military spending is certainly NOT the cause of federal budget problems.

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