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  1. Thanks for posting the ‘America in Color Photos’ link.

    1. Che is dead

      The photos are great, but shouldn’t they have been titled “White Privilege – A Photo Essay”?

      1. The whites in those photos don’t look very privileged to me, and there are also non-whites also shown. In fact, I feel privileged after seeing those illustrations of how hard life was back in the early 1940’s.

  2. Citizen Buddy

    On #11, Pricegeek:

    What is the price of a Pet Rock?


    I picked something obviously obscure but was surprised to get a price.

    1. morganovich

      what sort of pet rock?

      the pure breeds can go for considerably more, but you can also adopt a rock for free in many places.

      1. the pure breeds can go for considerably more, but you can also adopt a rock for free in many places.

        My yard, for instance: Take as many as you want free of charge, as long as you promise to give them a good home.

        No returns allowed.

        A good home for a rock is anywhere they happen to end up, and they are known to survive in the wild for billions of years without food or water.

        1. Citizen Buddy

          Ron, please know that The Pet Rock Manual: Instructions on How to Take Care of Pet Rocks and Keep Your Pet Rock Happy, is necessary for sustainable pet rocks. Please act responsibly.

          1. Cit, I assume the new owners will already have whatever is required, including the manual, when they adopt my rocks. I can’t provide manuals at no cost.

            The rocks in my yard are unwelcome trespassers that show up every time I dig or rake, and I feel no particular responsibility for their future well being. At least I’m offering them to good homes rather than just sending them off to the local landfill to fend for themselves.

      2. That is what you think – the pet adoption agencies all charge $50 – 100 based on the pet for spay/ neuter fees and shots. Can’t have diseased stray rocks.

        1. I will provide simple instructions to anyone who gets a free rock from me on how they can neuter it themselves. The shots are an issue between you and your local overlords government agencies.

          1. Actually we had a sad situation with a stray cat who adopted us about 3 years ago. Really great cat. But she probably got the Feline Leukemia shot 3 times. Once as a kitten, once when she was in the pound (she was chipped so we could discover some of her history) and once when our vet recommended it. A few week ago we had to have the cats left leg removed for cancer (they always put the Feline Leukemia shot in the left leg). Turns out that the cats are sensitive to the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in the Leukemia shot and have a high chance of getting cancer. She should never have received a shot after age one. They claim it is a one in 1000 problem – but all of a sudden we ask around and everyone seems to have had a cat put down due to left rear leg cancer.

            To make matters worse she was spayed when she was an adult. Spaying an adult cat is tricky because if she is spayed while in heat or just after having kittens the cat can develop a cancer across the mammary glands. It is best to spay them before they are adults so you don’t have this problem. How do I know this. Well we had some of those lumps removed when the leg was removed.

            The really irritating annoying part, is that my cat didn’t deserve this. She would have been OK but she was done in by “experts” and quazi government agencies (SPCA) trying to help her and doing it in a half assed way. Anyway, It has been a month and she seems to be doing OK so far.

          2. Sorry to hear about your cat.

    2. If you don’t want the box, rocks that could be pets tend to lie around a lot of places, you can just pick them up if your not in a national park or the like. Fallen rock from road cuts would even please the state as otherwise they have to haul it away. You just have to decide what color and what kind of pet rock you want sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic, then find where that kind of rock hangs out.

      1. Fallen rock from road cuts would even please the state as otherwise they have to haul it away.

        You obviously have never dealt with your local Road Rock Clearer’s union

        1. morganovich

          and, of course, do not take one home from hawaii or you will be cursed.

          in fact, a great many rocks are sent back every year to try and escape pele’s curse.


          be sure to put “no curse” on your “pet rocks, free to a good home” sign.

          1. M

            I’m not sure that would be honest. They are cursed by me quite often.

          2. morganovich


            while you are doubtless sincere and vigorous in your cursing, you sir, are no pele, goddess of the volcano.

            unless i have seriously misjudged you and you, in fact, are come sort of houngan, i doubt many fear “the curse of ron”.

            you should be OK claiming no curse.


          3. LOL

            morganovich, you are right as usual, damnit. I’m no Pele, and my best efforts at fire making look something like this.

            I should probably be relieved that my curses aren’t actually effective, as I’m not sure I want to see rocks having sex.

    3. Citizen Buddy

      We have had some fun with Pricegeek, but it is very good and I will probably use it in the future — but not for pet rocks since Ron is destroying their market.

      1. Bwaaaahahaha. I will soon be the only pet rock supplier on the planet, as all my competitors are driven out of business. Then I will exercise my monopoly position to raise prices sky high. If you want a pet rock, you will buy it from Ron’s U-Rock.

        Oh wait. I forgot. a natural monopoly can’t exist.

        Well, I’ll get my lobbyist busy pleading my case for political monopoly.

  3. Che is dead

    “The bill included American Somoa only after Nancy Pelosi came under attack for granting an exemption to a place that had factories for companies headquartered in her district … Conspicuously absent from Tuesday’s debate were the usual defenders of minimum-wage laws. Rep. George Miller (D., Calif.), who sponsored the 2007 federal increase, voted yes to giving the islands a break. So did Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.), who voiced his concern for island territories in a 2010 remark that Guam might capsize. The bill flew through Harry Reid’s Senate by unanimous consent …”

    It’s just like Nancy Pelosi and her fellow travelers to work out a separate, lower wage rate for “people of color” in order to benefit her well-heeled constituents.


  4. Che is dead

    @Union Bosses

    Destroying whole industries, like the American steel and automotive industries, and laying waste to entire American cities, like Detroit, is a tough job.

    Actually, it’s amazing just how much damage these guys will do for so little pay.

    1. morganovich

      we should hire them as a sort of special forces group for the us military and send them to wage economic war on our enemies…

      far more cost effective than smart bombs.

      1. Good idea, but it’s not entirely original. Germany actually tried something like that on Britain:

        far more cost effective than smart bombs.

        Smart bombs command a premium because they reduce collateral damage. Union bosses kill everyone in a wide radius, without prejudice.

        1. And of course no such counterfeiting scheme would have any effect in the US because we are constantly being inoculated on a massive scale by the Fed.

        2. morganovich


          yeah. union bosses seem to work like a biological wmd. devastating but with a great deal of collateral damage.

  5. #10. We marvel at changes in technology that greatly improve products over time, but picture # 49 shows examples of products that were so perfect in their original conceptions, that no significant improvements are possible.

    Seventy years later, the cutting torch and the flint lighter in the man’s overall pocket are identical to ones we can buy today.

  6. “In a rare display of economic sanity and some familiarity with Econ 101, Congress agreed last week by a vote of 415-0 that increases in the minimum-wage are an economic disaster.”

    Beyond some econ 101 (e.g. a couple of rigorous econ programs and applied experience), people will learn the U.S. economy is not the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa economies.

    Their minimum wage may be too high, unlike the U.S..

    1. Che is dead

      And I’m sure that you, and your friends at the DNC, know exactly what the appropriate minimum wage level is for the U.S. – right? Please, show your work.

      1. I’m not surprised it’s political for you. I already explained it. Why don’t you explain why it’s wrong (in the context of economic variables).

        No economist knows the “exact” minimum wage. Top economists can figure out with a high level of confidence if raising or reducing the minimum wage will be a net positive or a net negative for the economy.

        1. Top economists can figure out with a high level of confidence if raising or reducing the minimum wage will be a net positive or a net negative for the economy.


  7. Benjamin Cole

    I am surprised Dr. Pery referred to a “worker shortage.” Economists maintain there are no “shortages,” only supply and demand.
    Employers in (the heavily subsidized) state of ND might want to offer higher pay or alter restrictive housing laws to get cheaper housing built.

    1. Actually what is happening in the Williston area happens in every boom town. Population grows faster than housing, it happened in every mining boom town in the west and in the various oil boom towns of the first part of the 20th century. It does make that point that the market adjusts but there are differing time constants for that adjustment, it takes time to prepare a subdivision and build lots, (even if there were no government approval required beyond sanitary issues i.e. safe water and waste disposal.

  8. Benjamin Cole


    The county surrounding Williston has limited farmers to five housing trailers per lot. If North Dakota had true free enterprise, plenty of trailers could be brought up and the housing “shortage” fixed pronto.

    The problem is NIMBYism. No one wants their home town to become a giant trailer lot, filled with men visiting brothels, bars, gambling dens and strip joints.

    You see, everyone is a libertarian until…

    North Dakotans are deep, deep believers in subsidies (from the federal government) and social engineering, to eliminate or restrict trailer-towns, brothels, strip joints, gambling and other drug use.

    The unintended consequences of the ND social engineering is found in much higher prices for housing, and lucrative business for those people either with the scarce licenses, or doing black markets sales.

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