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  1. Tim Williamson

    Good news. By the way, who’s the president? That would be Obama for those of you who refuse to say his name.

  2. MacDaddyWatch


    From the office of Colorado’s Secretary of State:

    As of last Friday and the end of the first full-week of voting in battleground CO, 626,097 ballots were cast (20+% of the registered total) of which 39% were Republican and 36% were Dems. No breakout was provided for the indies who were leaning GOP in the polls.

    By next Friday’s SoS report, it will be unambiguously over in CO–and lots of election day “calls” are made on the basis of a lot less info than the 20+% ballot count provided in last week’s data.

    1. MacDaddyWatch

      Repubs in battleground CO are continuing to outpace Dems in early ballot returns, growing their lead with ballots returned as of this morning.

      Repubs are winning both the mail-in/absentee ballot returns AND early voting.

      According to a Colorado Peak Politics source with access to ballot return numbers (that are very much in line with Friday’s Sec. of State’s ballot report that represented 20+% of registered voters), the figures are as follows:


      R: 187,824 (39.7%)

      D: 171,971 (36.3%)

      U: 108,421 (22.9%)

      Mail-In/Absentee Ballots

      R: 172,461

      D: 158,139

      U: 98,532

      Early Voting

      R: 15,363

      D: 13,832

      U: 9,889

      The latest Denver Post poll of Colorado has Romney winning Unaffiliateds 43/39. Polls also reveal that Romney is ahead in the party/crossover (Dem to Repub and Repub to Dem) vote.

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