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  1. Michael P. Stein

    I could have sworn it was Congress that had the final say on the budget, and it was the Republicans who were crying, “Cut! Cut! Cut!”. Of course, they could keep all those officers if they would eliminate some other part of the military budget, such as the F-35. But that system actually has its own caucus in Congress.

  2. This post is topsy -turvy. In the private sector no one retires after 20 years of service with full pension and health benefits, as they do from the federal armed forces, and in the private sector force reductions are commonplace.
    In truth, a mercenary professional military may be too expensive to maintain, and perhaps we should consider return to a draft and true volunteer military with a Spartan professional officer corps.

  3. Did General Campbell happen to mention how many general officer and admiral billets were on the chopping block?

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