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  1. Che is dead

    While the bill would apply to some other retailers — such as Home Depot, Costco and Macy’s — a grandfather period and an exception for those with unionized workforces made it clear that the bill targets Wal-Mart …

    That sentence contains all that one needs to know.

    The Democrats do not give a damn about the poor, they’re simply whores to the unions.

    And everyone should know by now where that ultimately leads:

    Certain parts of the United States, however, are like Greece. Just read emergency manager Kevyn Orr’s134-page report on Detroit, which has $20 billion in unpayable debt.

    Couched in the workmanlike prose of a bankruptcy lawyer — which is what Orr is — the document nevertheless tells a harrowing story of institutional rot and social collapse, brought on by decades of government of, by and for special-interest groups.

    Prominent among them are public-employee unions — 47 in all, from organized crossing guards to the Association of Professional Construction Inspectors. Contracts permitted employees to “bump” from job to job based solely on seniority, “without regard to merit, relevant qualifications or experience,” the report says.

    Generous pension and retiree health benefits gobbled up tax dollars — more than 38 percent of the city’s revenue in fiscal 2012 alone — that would otherwise have paid for public services.

    Small wonder that, per the report, the effectiveness of Detroit’s police force is “extremely low” and the city’s rate of violent crime is five times the national average; or that the average fire station is 80 years old; or that the number of city parks has dwindled from 317 to 107 in the past half-decade. — <a href="

  2. If I were Wal-Mart to spite DC build a store near each metro line just outside the DC line. Then the taxes go to Md, and Va and DC just gets nothing. Putting the store near a metro line, means that those without cars can likley access the stores, in fact the could even run a shuttle from the metro station to the store to further spite DC. I suspect the suburban juristictions will be quite glad to get the sales taxes, just like the suburbs of Chicago would have been if the Chicago bill had passed.

    1. Jon Murphy

      that’s an idea

  3. Seattle Sam

    I think you’re confused. A “death wish” for Democrats would be doing something opposed by the unions. This is more like a survival move, isn’t it?

  4. Seems like all of the Dem’s programs or reforms act like regressive taxes. Keep WalMart out and the poor pay more for their goods. Go to ‘green’ energy and the same thing happens. Can’t fire bad teachers, the poor lose as the other half finds ways to keep going.

    Because these turn out to be incremental the poor never figure it out and the media doesn’t do it for them and shame on the GOP, they don’t either.

  5. Bob Smith

    I’m surprised Walmart ever agreed to build stores in DC, they should have known DC would stab them in the back.

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