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  1. Benjamin Cole

    The Cline Shale could be even bigger than Eagle Ford.

    If oil can stay above $80, look for even larger production from Texas. Eventually from CA also.

    BTW, industry people are saying that innovations in fracking and shale are coming into play now, and the way a well is drilled in 2020 will be a lot different from now.

    The private sector does more for less continuously. The public sector, including the military, does less for more every year.

    1. Al Langford

      Excellent comments. Thank you Mr Perry. A very exciting time to be in the oil and gas game….profitable too.

  2. “Eventually from CA also.”

    LOL. Not a chance. The anti-fossil fuel Left has completely taken over California thanks to voters like you, Benji.

  3. Note I read an interesting piece about a shortage of Jones Act tankers caused by the Eagle Ford Production: It turns out the Eagle Ford production puts so much oil into Corpus Christi that it need to be tankered to Houston, and Beaumont. However these tankers have been used to move gasoline and other product to Florida (which has no refineries of its own). A Jones act tanker is built in the US flagged in the US and runs with a US crew to go from US port to US port. However over the next 12 months a couple of more pipelines will have their flow reversed and the need may or may not subside depending on what production in the Eagle Ford does.

  4. Tregonsee

    There must be something wrong with that graph. It is a Known Fact™ that we can’t drill our way to energy independence.

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