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  1. The number of 1 in 5 is not a recently derived figure, rather one taken from studies done in the early to mid 1980’s. Similar numbers were applied to child abuse and sex abuse at the same time. These numbers were sometimes connected to another nationwide panic, the belief in a vast network of satanic ritual abuse of children. This wide spread fear of lurking sexual and satanic predators made the 1 in 5 statistic easy to believe. A sex panic ensued which is still with us today. Today these numbers and the panic are kept alive by special interest groups for victim advocates who have an enormous professional interest in keeping the sense of crisis going. Advocacy and counseling is a very big business which allocates a lot of individual as well as sector power to its practitioners.

    These groups have tremendous clout and influence on the political process which explains why no politician, including the president, would dare question these numbers.

    Having said this, sexual abuse and assault remain substantial problems and prevention, education and trauma services should be expanded. But the creation of panic and crisis has dangers of its own, mainly the creation of a state of emergency which always demands extreme strictures, criminalization, harsh punishment, stigmatization and zero tolerance for the remotest hint of sexual impropriety, no matter how innocent. Such a scenario will have men living in fear.

    The numbers should re-assessed and used to inform a measured humane policy. Additionally, the identities of interest groups and individuals in them who purvey false statistics should be exposed and held liable. Their power to frame the issue should be broken.

  2. Assuming there are 21,000 men on campus as undergrads, this would mean that among those male students, given that 4,465 female students were sexually assaulted, one of every 4 or 5 (depending on how you round the numbers) is a rapist/sexual assaulter.

    If it was true that so many undergrad college women were being raped/assaulted sexually, don’t you suppose there would *not* be the current situation we have wherein female students are typically the majority of undergrad (and grad) students on today’s college campuses? I imagine with such high levels of trauma likely to result from such a cauldron of traumatic assaults on females, they would be telling their younger sisters and friends still in high school to avoid going to college at all costs because it’s a veritable rape-a-thon and it’s worse than jail!

    The utter ludicrousness of the assertions being made by campus feminists and how they go unchallenged by our cowed and opportunist political leaders (I use the term loosely) is a national disgrace. But the current administration is used to bringing disgrace onto the country, aren’t they?

  3. Jean Valjean

    The 1 in 5 statistic is based on a long series of studies which asks women questions about their sexual activities which lead to a positive response or which are judged based on a definition of rape which does not meet the legal definition. Also, to get their numbers higher they include attempted rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and rape as one statistic. Later on they drop all the others and just go with rape because a drunk guy touching a boob or grabbing a butt at a party is the same as beating a girl bloody, cutting her clothes off, and raping her.

    These studies were first concocted by Mary Koss back in the 80’s.

    Questions like, “Have you every been in a sexual situation where a partner laid on top of you but sex did not occur?”

    If the answer was “yes” then this was counted as an attempted rape.

    More modern studies have asked questions like, “Have you ever been under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you had sex?”

    If the respondent had one drink or smoked a joint then they were listed as having been raped.

    When males were given these same studies the rape rate was even higher for male college students than it was for females. A fact that feminist bigots and heir allies ignore.

    When the female respondents were told they had been raped 70% they protested that they had not been raped and over 50% continued to date their rapist. When Koss was confronted with this fact she simply stated that these women didn’t know what rape was.

    Really? The “most horrible” crime that can be committed against a woman and a woman doesn’t even know it happened?

    We’ve gone from rape being defined as a crime where a man uses violence or the threat of violence to gain sexual access to a woman to rape being defined as a woman having sex while drunk and now the feminists want to define rape as having occurred when a woman’s consent isn’t “enthusiastic.”

    In other words, the new rape is consensual sex.

    Meanwhile, the feminists want to punish men who ask for consent by making it “sexual harassment” for a boyfriend to ask his girlfriend for sex too many times.

    So, men are supposed to get consent but can be punished legally for doing so.

    If we get consent but it wasn’t enthusiastic enough then it’s really rape.

    Oh, and as always the courts will rely on what the woman “feels.” If she “felt” that his asking for sex was harassing then it was. If she “felt” like her consent to sex wasn’t enthusiastic enough then it’s rape.

    No matter how harsh the punishment or how arbitrary and one-sided the rules are no towards males no one ever seems to care so long as women are seen to benefit in some way.

    Meanwhile, The Innocence Project reports that rape is the most common crime that men are wrongfully convicted of.

    The recent report by the military on rape that has been widely quoted says also that 17% of rape claims are false or baseless. Yet, no media outlets ever focused on that piece of data.

    But remember, we’re all equal. It’s just that some of us are more equal.

  4. Factsseeker

    A very poignant example of Obama and Biden’s war on male human beings is Obama’s outrage and offers of immediate help for the 200 kidnapped girls in Nigeria, while blatantly ignoring the terrible suffering of more than 100000 child soldiers some as young as 10 years old,currently in Africa alone. Why, because these children are male human beings. Obama is not interested in males. He has made it clear in the past that men (and boys) are to blame for everything so they do not need to be viewed as needing humanitarian help. Obama only cares about young women and so does Biden. This bias is a terrible thing for justice in the USA. More needs to be done to challenge Obama and Biden about their prejudice.

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