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  1. NAR says its members “oppose any changes to FHA that will cause a disruption to the housing sector…” and now is not the time for reform. They are wrong. Now is the time to end the nightmare at FHA.

    The existence of FHA is a disruption to the housing market. As usual, the NAR puts the interests of its members above those of consumers and taxpayers.

  2. Max Planck

    “The NAR apparently supports the FHA’s decades-long loan insurance nightmare that has resulted in an estimated 3.2 million dashed homeowner dreams since 1975.”

    The Big Lie, financed by AEI backers, continues. In no way, shape or form have “3.2 million homeowners” had their “dreams dashed” by FHA. Pinto represents the putrification of political and economic discourse.

  3. Max Planck

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