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  1. Jardinero1

    Natural gas resources are not increasing because of fracking. Fracking has been used for nearly seventy years in the oil field. Natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbons are increasing because of two other technologies: Horizontal drilling and 3d Seismic sensing. 3d Seismic sensing allows geologist to locate, accurately, smaller more marginal reservoirs of hydrocarbons. Horizontal drilling allows petroleum engineers to pilot a bit, simultaneously, through through those smaller marginal reservoirs from a single bore hole.

    1. it would be interesting if the same group of people supported the power of eminent domain for gas producers or other producers of fossil fuels.

      what’s the justification for having the govt force property owners to let other property owners use their land?

      how do you justify that?

      how would people vote if they knew that?

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