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Discussion: (31 comments)

  1. Why is there no mention of immigration in the study? I’d be interested to see how current immigrants are fairing historically and what impact that has compared with other countries.

  2. ok, kids born in the 70s were as upwardly mobile as those born in the 20s and 30s…

    but that doesnt tell us much about the upward mobility of kids born in the 90s…

    1. How are you supposed to measure mobility of kids who are just reaching their early 20s? Moron.

  3. Jimmy P. You dump all over Picketty & Saez IRS data when it comes to income inequality at every available opportunity yet you laud Chetty & Saez IRS data when it comes to income mobility. What gives? Cognitive dissonance.

  4. Todd Mason

    “Hold on a second. Progressives like the president argue that extreme income inequality has been hurting mobility.”

    Hold on yourself. What I hear him say is that trickle-down is BS, that 30 years of tax cuts have not lifted all boats.

    What then? This study has a pretty good road map. Mobility is best — best in the world in fact — in areas that have integrated income groups, good schools and two-parent households. The first leads to other two in my view. In mixed income neighborhoods, a subset of parents have the means to hold schools to account. Mixed income areas mean commerce and decent jobs that encourage dads to stick around. And they offer role models for kids who would otherwise see affluent America as a foreign country. It is quite doable in gentrifying cities.
    Paul Ryan is the only national pol at this point talking about ending the quarantine of the poor. I hope he is serious.

    1. mesa econoguy

      No, that is another incorrect conclusion, Turd.

      1. Growth under tax cuts is far superior to interventionism, under both parties
      2. We have far more interventionism now than we did even 5 years ago (when we had a lot)
      3. Growth has been diminishing steadily with government expansion.

      You’re not a very good reader, Turd.

      LBJ declared a “War on Poverty” 50 years ago, and government massively expanded its socioeconomic reach.

      Poverty won.

      Turd: leave the erroneous conclusions to professionals like me ™

      1. Todd Mason

        And Mesa, not content with his army of strawmen, now gives us a false choice. Banks are sitting on $1.9 trillion in excess reserves. Money market funds are sitting on $2.7 trillion in idle cash. The collective cash reserve of the Fortune 500 is $2 trillion. Question of the day: If supply creates its own demand, what are they waiting for?

        Now Mesa is going to muster his false choice again, as if a company with a great idea will be put off by Obamacare.

        (At last, Ocwen Financial found the key to underwater mortgages: offer investors a share of appreciation to put borrowers right side up and motivated to stay in the home.)

        1. mesa econoguy

          Uh, que?

          How do you get from my purported “strawmen” to mmmfs?

          Turd: Don’t question me, because I am stupid ™

          1. Todd Mason

            Me write real slow. Braves have much wampum to increase supply if demand follow supply down forest path. Braves stay in tee pee instead. Mesa say braves also afraid of Spirit Father in Washington. Me say braves either act like squaws or don’t believe supply-side medicine man.

            Mesa: Started his company with nothing; has half of it left.

          2. mesa econoguy

            You have been taking Benji’s surplus stupid pills, haven’t you?

  5. fred backer

    Solution to many ills of our economy would be to eliminate all Minimum Wage Laws , restore the dignity of a job and allow our youth to assist their families with work . Allow value to replace Progressive good intentions within the marketplace and opportunity to flourish .

  6. Basically what this says is that welfare limits upward mobility because it keeps people down. Two parent households and work ethic are the keys.

    1. Todd Mason

      It helps to have a job in which to demonstrate your work ethic, no?

      1. mesa econoguy


        And it would be nice to be able to start a business, and hire people, but that’s damn near impossible now:

        You obviously draw incorrect conclusions for a living.

        Turd: leave the spurious conclusions to professionals like me ™

        1. Todd Mason

          Mesa: I got mine; Who gives a sh*t about you?

          1. mesa econoguy

            You mean gaming the system, right Turd?

            Turd: Don’t try this level of stupidity at home ™

          2. Todd Mason

            Mesa: Turned daddy’s money into a small fortune. Unfortunately it was a large fortune before.

          3. mesa econoguy

            Turd: because he’s more equal than you ™

  7. Read Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart”. The bottom 40% have CHOSEN not to participate in the mainstream American society. Finishing high school is “acting white”, and you can live quite comfortably on welfare and never work a day in your life. And of course you can earn extra welfare money by having kids without the benefit of marriage. And you can supplement your welfare by committing crimes. The people at the bottom have REJECTED mobility. Handing them more free money will simply encourage more people to drop out.

  8. Hard to move upward when you would rather just live off the government.

    1. Todd Mason

      Harder to move upward when there are three applicants for each new job.

      1. mesa econoguy

        Because government has made it insanely difficult to start a business.

        Turd: missing cause and effect continuously since 1980 ™

        1. Todd Mason

          Mesa: Waiting for the sky to fall since 1980.

          1. mesa econoguy

            You mean gaming the system, right Turd?

            Turd, the answer to the most idiotic question ever asked ™

          2. Todd Mason

            Mesa: as momentous as a sneeze waiting for a Gesundheit.

          3. mesa econoguy

            Turd: because not everyone can (or should) be this stupid ™

          4. Todd Mason

            Mesa: Thinks aggregate demand is an order for gravel.

        2. Todd Mason

          Mesa: Went mano a mano with Dubya. Came in third.

  9. The reason we cannot move forward in this country is perfectly highlighted in these posts: people who are emotionally unintelligent and resort to name calling and acting like three year olds with no control over themselves. We have totally lost basic respect for our fellow man. It is really sad.

  10. The data presented is flawed or at-least requires more study. The top 20% of the income distribution means that an individual makes about $42,000 a year ( which many Americans would not consider “The American Dream”. The very fact that income inequality has been rising since the studies start year of 1971 explains why income mobility has stayed the same as many american’s don’t feel that they have “made it”. Rising income inequality means that reaching the top 20% doesn’t mean anything anymore. To feel like you’ve actually moved up, means hitting the top 10% or 5%, a much harder goal in today’s economy.

    1. Not to mention, that none of this considers the rising student loan debt, taxes and cost of living that are not figured into the study, post-income.

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