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  1. Savior Fair

    Tolls on the Port Authority bridge and tunnels rose from $8 to $12, and just recently was increased again. Keep in mind not all riders of Path go to the World Trade Center station. Many disembark at Exchange Place or Grove Street, and a significant number do not even get on the WTC-Newark Line but go to Hoboken, Newport-Centre or get on the 33rd Street line to go to midtown.

    1. Jay Weiser

      Absolutely right. PATH’s Newark-WTC line, which will terminate in the Calatrava hub, actually serves fewer commuters than its Journal Square-33rd St. line.

  2. zen snoopy

    great article mr. weiser. all the depressing ridership stats aside, on an aesthetic level the original design of the Calatrava hub was beautiful – possessing a psychic dimension and promised a functionality that would evoke a spiritual response. that has been sidelined and a more ponderous shape has been advanced destroying the artist’s intention and the legitimate reason for the selection of that designer. it will probably end up being hideous.

    1. Jay Weiser

      Hopefully it will look OK — the Milwaukee Art Museum building is pretty nice, even though I think that it, too, ended up not opening up to the sky and closing as promised. (Could be wrong about that.) These cutting-edge feats of engineering rarely work out exactly as planned, and the Ground Zero site has so many constraints that Calatrava’s full grandiose vision was never plausible.

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