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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Karl Quick

    It is cruel and heartless to let them stay!
    1) here they will be exploited by politicians, employers, drug dealers, sex traffickers, and join an increasingly dependent under class;
    2) home nations are left with those children with less brains, get-up-and-go, and determination to succeed; don’t just think of what we get keeping them, think what their brothers and sisters are left with back home!
    3) think of those honest and gifted who applied and are waiting for legal immigration! We CONDEMN them to even longer waits (and possible denial of entry) every time we find room for an illegal.
    — what SHOULD be done —
    Teach them civics, law enforcement, human rights, OUR CONSTITUTION, and send them back to their own countries as missionaries of civilization, turning their home countries into models of progress and opportunity! …if after several years home working to save their brothers and sisters, I they still want to “bug out” an join us as Americans, they will be well qualified to apply and become LEGAL immigrants.

  2. Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Jews want to increase demographic diversity among gentiles to play ‘divide and conquer’ with them. ‘

    “For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agendas.”

    If Jews love diversity so much, open Israel to non-Jews.

  3. Michael Winslow

    All of these suggestions of fixing immigration reform will only treat the problem, not fix it. A band aid is not going to fix this. If the United States really wants to stop immigration inflow; the United States has to perform humanitarian efforts in the countries the children and families are coming from. As Dr. Perry has previously stated the war on drugs has failed. As long as these countries have high levels of violence, drug trafficking, and high unemployment; then the children will continue to come.

  4. Thomas Sullivan

    We already have a good set of immigration laws.Our craven vote-buying Democrat politicians have stopped workplace enforcement (heard of any raids in the past three years?); Obama virtually enacted DREAM by fiat; and other Dem politicians have made the amnesty promise loud and clear. No wonder the young are pouring in.

    Restart the workplace raids, put the employers in prison, seize all their assets, pay their competitors bounties to turn them in, send the kiddies home by bus or ship, and impeach Obama for dereliction and violation of his oath of office.

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