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  1. SeattleSam

    It is not true that two people saying “my job involves working on a computer all day” means that your work has comparable value. One of you may be entering data; the other writing code.

  2. I am a Federal Employee and really am tired of the bashing. My retirement is 1% per year with a maximum of 37% of my base pay. I pay .8% into my retirement per pay period. In January I will have to pay an additional 1.5% into the FERs system, but yet I will not even see it. This increase will continue each year until an additional 5% is taken and put into a system that is not for the Federal Civilian Employees, but to pay for the benefits of the Military and free education for minorities. Also, health insurance is another issue. I pay 35% of my salary each pay period for my health insurance. What else is bad if I want vision or dental, I have to go out and find two additional insurance companies and pay for that also. I wish people would do a little more research before running off of the mouths. Most Federal Employees do not make a lot of money. In fact, I bring home 45% of my pay and with the current economy the way it is, I am supporting three families. I have to pay for my son’s student loans at $300 a month, because he can’t find work.
    Before writing anything, do more research, we all do not make big fat checks and work pay day to pay day.

    Thank you

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