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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. As usual, well done, Jim.
    One slight improvement… I believe that sat photo is from 2003 (worth noting in the caption, imo)

  2. Barky O'Genius

    Brings a tear to my eye to see that the only lights being used are in the capitol. Now THAT’S how you do an energy policy!

    Later! Got a few more million dollars to burn on my vacation…

  3. Jim,

    Assuming the satellite photo is from 2003, what’s your point. Do you believe that if we took another satellite image tonight it would look different? Doubt it!

  4. It’s really kind of an insult to communism to call the Kim dynasty’s rule by that name. It’s not even “successful” enough to be a Stalinist regime; Juche is little more than a xenophobia reserved for any person not related to Kim Il-Sung by ancestry. It may have logically-traceable roots to Neo-Confucianism, but it’s ultimately just a totalitarian dictatorship.

    1. Luke,
      In Norht Korea:
      – The state regulates the economy heavily through central planning and control.
      – Entrepreneurial activity remains virtually impossible.
      – Property rights are not guaranteed.
      – Almost all property, including nearly all real property, belongs to the state
      That not sound communist to you? If walks like a duck… you know.

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