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  1. So, No help for Syrian rebels, but F-16s for the Muslim Brotherhood. The President is either a fool or a knave.

  2. Yesterday, both the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and outgoing SecDef Panetta told the Senate Armed Services Committee that they supported arming the rebels in Syria. We also know that Hillary Clinton supported doing the same. So… let’s get this straight. Military leader, DoD leader, SecState all supported arming the rebels. Who didn’t? Barack Obama and his coterie in the White House.

    This makes Obama look a lot more prudent than the idiots in his cabinet. After all Obama learned a lesson from the arming of the Libyan rebels and from the funding, training, and arming al-Qaeda to fight the Russians. The problem is not that Obama does not listen enough to his military advisors but that he has picked people with such bad judgment to begin with.

  3. Nobody likes what is going on in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and on and on and on and on ad infinitum. But this is definitely NOT “Obama’s Problem”. Those people have been up in arms for generations, and they are simply going to have to figure things out for themselves. Sometimes, doing nothing IS the right answer.

    How can we possibly presume to know what’s best for them, or think that they would let us impose our will upon them? The last several decades of turmoil in the region have proven the limits of US control. There is no sense in continuing to test them.

    1. the problem has been all along that the NeoCons are pissed that Obama is not a neocon so any/all “problems” now are, by definition, his fault. Had Romney won and the NeoCons kept their position, all would have been well.. as it has been in Iraq and Afghanistan, right?


      If Obama is so wrong, how come other countries have not stepped in and did what he won’t?

      Now if Obama HAD given the rebels weapons and it turned out it was the WRONG thing to do a the Muslim Brotherhood or some other Muslim buggaboo ended up taking over Syria – you can bet your boots the SAME folks who wanted Obama to arm the rebels would then say that by arming them it showed how incompetent and naive Obama was for trusting the rebels.

      In other words – he’s gonna be wrong no matter what cuz he never should have been POTUS to start with.

      If that ain’t the truth, it’s dang close!

      1. If Obama is so wrong, how come other countries have not stepped in and did what he won’t?

        I have news for you Larry. Obama did give weapons to terrorists in Libya. You are giving him a bit too much credit.

  4. Otto Beckman

    Arming the rebels in Libya, had Arab League & NATO support.

    1. Arming the rebels in Libya, had Arab League & NATO support.

      Yes it did. And we are still trying to deal with the blowback.

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