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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. drones vs necon boots-on-the-ground and forever US military presence…..

    hmm… tough choice, eh?

    Bush, bless his pea-picking soul had no problem with slicing and dicing thousands of our young folks in a futile necon effort to “nation-build” any/all countries that we dislike nor did he seem to have a problem torturing people to death but god forbid he’d use a drone on them.

  2. Sara Person

    Are you KIDDING me Larry? Seriously. You ‘re sitting there hearing that our president has claimed the right to kill whoever he wants without even finding out facts or going through due process or trying a person or anything, and you’re going to just jump on how evil bush is? Seriously? We are living a NIGHTMARE. These men, BUSH AND OBAMA, and all the other politicians are claiming the right to kill you anytime, anyplace, for any REASON because they just have to say you’re doing something against the United states and that can be as little as disagreeing with its elected officials who “know what’s best for you” and you are arguing about how much worse this other one was? Don’t you at ALL think that if ANYONE is sitting around claiming a right to murder you in cold blood, that they are BOTH BAD EVIL MEN who think they own your LIFE?!?!? Is it somehow more dignifying to be murdered by a Democrat president than a Republican one? Seriously? There IS no debate about who is worse. These men want to kill you, the answer is to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Forget if they are Democratic and “mostly” agree with how you think. They wan to KILL YOU if you don’t AGREE with them. That’s a PROBLEM. NOTHING ELSE that they can POSSIBLY claim to believe matters if they believe they own your life. NOTHING.

    1. Did Bush NOT USE drones AND torture people AND kidnap them and hold them incognito?

      so Obama is only 1/3 as bad as Bush?

      but seriously, do you think the CIA never assassinates people – even before drones?

      when you put boots on the ground, how many innocents get killed ? how many in Iraq?

  3. Let’s see if all those who excoriated Bush as a “war criminal” who ran an “imperial presidency” now give Obama the same treatment.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    It works both ways. Let us see if those on the right who cheered Bush for his illegal and aggressive acts give Obama the same benefit of doubt.

  4. I think Larry does not realize that the point of this post is not to argue (with or without facts) the merits of a strategy. It is to highlight the risks of having a President’s action go unchallenged. The Bush Presidency was characterized by constant and vigorous challenges from the media and the anti-war movement. The Obama Presidency demonstrated that these two checks on Presidential power are really other words for…”Democrats”. Surely there must be some liberals out there who do not think this is good for liberty.

    1. I do believe Obama should be challenged on this. But wasn’t it Bush that told the SCOTUS they had no jurisdiction over stuff down outside the US?

      just asking…

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