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Discussion: (8 comments)

  1. Oh, boy. Larry Summers is not the kind of guy you want at the Fed. He embodies Liberal economic policies which will make the no growth recovery continue on, especially if he follows Obama’s “middle out” philosophy. You want someone who wants to restore sound Conservative policies of cutting taxes, letting interest rates rise to where it wants to be, and cutting red tape that keeps companies from hiring people!

    1. Shaun Peterson

      Yes of course. The Fed chairman has complete control over cutting taxes and reducing labor market red tape. Why not chide him about patent law, since we’re on the subject of stuff that has nothing to do with being Fed chair?

      1. No, the real question is, as Fed chairman, what will his strategy for withdrawing from Afghanistan be?

  2. Shaun Peterson

    I think it’s an awful pick all around too. But with control over interest rates maybe he can help Harvard escape that horrible swaps position he put them in. Lord knows the people of Harvard could use a good break every now and again.

  3. -“But in heaven’s name, why?”-

    Volker, Greenspan, Bernanke and soon Summers.
    And, with such a good “support” from master tax-cheat Geithner and now Lew-d.

    These crooks wrote the books on public looting, deceit, usury, collusion, etc., to name a few…

  4. Why Ask Why?

    Two words explain Summers as the Fed Chairman choice:

    Fundamental Transformation

  5. mesa econoguy

    I think he should pick Eric Holder. He’s already running everything, and investigating everyone (including himself), why not just merge the rest of the org chart under him?

    Actually, Larry Summers would be the perfect selection: abrasive/abusive, prominent history of failure, and incompetent/stupid.

    All 3 of these are requirements to work in the Obama Administration.

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