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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. 1775Concord

    First paragraph…you put in too many words, i.e.: …read the president as confirming he didn’t care to involve the US.
    Should read…as confirming he didn’t care. (period)

  2. “France and the UK will step in and do their best to help the better guys beat both Assad and al Qaeda in Syria.”

    If somebody else wants to step in and “help”, they can have at it. However, I sincerely doubt there is anyone out there in a position to lead the charge that isn’t aware of the miserable failures wrought by US interventionism. I suppose there is a chance those failures might be overlooked, but I doubt it… who would be foolish enough to make the required investments for zero expected return?

    I’m not a big fan of Obama, but he was right on Iraq, and he’s right on Syria… they need to sort this out on their own.

    1. 1775Concord

      ??How was he right on Iraq? By following the timetable Bush had put in place before Obama became Pres? But Obama also angered Iraq, so we had no remaining presence.

      1. Dagbone

        I’m talking about Obama’s widely-publicized opposition to the war in Iraq, which extended back to 2002, prior to the war’s inception in March, 2003. We now have Obama opposing war in Syria, prior to its would-be inception. See the parallel?

        As for his handling of the war after he got stuck with it, I really have no opinion except to say that no human being could ever devise the perfect strategy to extract the US once the fatal decision to start the war was made.

  3. And who exactly is it we want to help in Syria? There used to be a small but active Christian community in Iraq. I believe it all but disappeared after the US destroyed the Iraqi government. There is a small but active, and VERY ancient, Christian community in Egypt. It is likely to disappear within our lifetimes. Now some idiots want us to support yet another gang of radical Moslems this time in Syria, which also has a small but ancient Christian community.

    The Syrians are engaged in a civil war. How many of the “civilian” deaths are actually deaths of armed rebels? And how many unarmed Syrians have been killed by the rebels, not the government? Does anyone seriously believe that the killing will stop if the rebels win? It didn’t stop in Libya, and it sure hasn’t stopped in Egypt.

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