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  1. First of all, Assad DID NOT use chemical weapons. It was SHOWN to be o’bama’s own “freedom fighters/al qaeda”. Since that made o’bama soil his pants (I guess the CIA is playing games with him since they control al qaeda and were likely the ones to give the command to use the chemicals that the USA gave Saddam Hussein and that went to Syria later) he had to ask Valerie Jarrett what a president might do (after all, SHE is the one who calls the shots for him). Maybe this is all just a warning TO o’bama by his puppeteers that he’s playing too much golf and not doing THEIR AGENDA as fast as they’d like it.

  2. I’d really appreciate it if SOMEBODY would start noting that although the wild guess is that as many as 100,000 Syrians may have died violently over the last year or 2, probably half were Assad supporters murdered in their beds by the insurgents. I assume this is NOT being done because if you write a story that says “during the brutal fighting as many as 50,000 Syrians have been killed by the rebels”, it sure argues for doing something to stop the rebellion. And of the 50,000 or so likely killed by the regular forces of the government of Syria, how many were armed rebels and how many really were just civilians sipping coffee when the mortar rounds landed?

    There isn’t much point in throwing around numbers like “100,000″ when no one has any idea what the number MEANS.

  3. Michael Cavallaro

    Maybe we can help Syria become more like Iraq and Afghanistan; look how well things are going there.

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