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  1. This sounds like an article from a WAR Monger!

    1. You are correct. Mr Rubin was the person who was cheering an Ahmadinejad victory because he did not want Obama to think that Iran was going in the right direction. He is a typical neoconservative commentator who loves war and those that support war. He is not exactly a serious thinker or one of the bright lights of the movement.

  2. If we have to hamstring ourselves by limiting our drone use, I say that’s a good thing — and that’s not because I oppose the military use of drones in the effort against terrorism . . . . overseas. However, I vehemently oppose their use over US skies, by both government and private interests, and I suspect we can’t say that they’re OK “over there”, but not here.

    We are much-too-freely giving far-too-many of our liberties, and allowing the government their eyes-in-the-sky to literally look over our shoulder, day or night, is absolutely not acceptable — and by the way, we mustn’t discount the possibility that our government could use drones against us in ways we can’t even imagine.

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