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  1. Well, not really “permanently slower”. The aim is for BACKWARDS growth until the USA becomes a 3rd world country, which is only “FAIR” because the USA didn’t earn anything (as the thoughts of a guy who never had a real job thinks because he’s always been on the “dole”).

  2. Thomas Sullivan

    The reason for the slowdown is the same as for Europe – when government (federal, state, local) dominates the economy through spending (vote buying) and regulation, and borrows a trillion+ per year, the economy and employment stagnate. In 1900 government was 10% of the economy. In 1950 it was 30%. Today it is 60% and still growing.

  3. rj chicago

    Jim – this would then require the lazy oaf in office to stop playing golf and actually WORK at these sorts of recommendations. I for one hold no HOPE for this guy doing anything that would be good for the nation as a whole. Hunker down for another 3.5 years and wait it out.

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