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  1. I am tempted to think that the Administration would have been better off not establishing exchanges in non-cooperative states. Then the residents of those states would have unleashed the full wrath of their frustration at not being able to get subsidized health insurance upon the heads of state politicians who denied them the subsidies soon to flow to California, New York, etc.

    1. Per the Supreme Court ruling, they can’t expect you to pay a tax that they are unwilling to collect on. If they don’t offer an exchange in every state, then they violate the fourteenth amendment.

  2. If there IS indeed a conversion to part time jobs, it will actually ACCELERATE people who no longer can get employer-provided …. going to the exchanges.

    and once they go to the exchanges, they no longer will restrict their job searches to only employers offering insurance.

    they also will not fee restricted to stay at a job once their health insurance is portable.

    I think the shift to part time will actually accelerate the exchanges.

    1. Yes, because people LOVE restricted hourly pay instead of salaried employment….

  3. George Arias

    Are seasonally adjustments liked to muck up this data and make it very difficult to interpret?

    1. I think the fixation on how ObamaCare affects employment or employment status in a negative way, totally misses the bigger point.

      Anyone or let’s say many, who lose their employer-provided insurance – regardless of reason – is going to go to the exchanges even if they think they lost their insurance as a result of ObamaCare.

      As time goes by and more and more people have insurance from the exchanges – they are going to realize that it’s guaranteed insurance that is portable and the rates community rate – something not guaranteed by other types of insurance.

      Once they get insurance that way, what would drive them back to seeking employer-provided or open-market insurance or other kinds that are inferior in terms of guaranteed access and portability?

      so the more that people get kicked out of employer-provided, the more people will likely gravitate to ObamaCare.

      Isn’t this why the GOP is freaking out over this?

      1. Because it’s NOT portable. You’re still on a private plan restricted by your location, often in areas where the insurance provided requires travel to other counties to be covered. In Indiana, Anthem offers insurance in counties where it has no providers, requiring you to pay out-of-network fees or find more expensive plans.

        1. re: portable

          between jobs in the same state and with some to other states.

          no.. people do not think part time work is “wonderful” but they also find no options for health insurance also “not wonderful”.

          this is better for a LOT of people who don’t have options right now – but by no means perfect.

          but the bigger point is, once someone gets insurance from the exchanges, they are no longer tied to one job..nor are their job searches restricted to only jobs that offer employer-provided.

          they are free to take full advantage of the job market per their own needs and priorities without having health insurance limit the options.

          that’s better than now for many.

  4. Benjamin Cole

    Does the GOP say the Veterans Administration does a lousy job? Are they champing at the bit to defund the VA, and give vouchers to vets to find their own health care?

    The VA isn’t even socialism—it is Soviet-style (1970s version) health care, as close to communism as we get in the USA. The doctors, the nurses, the facilities, all publicly owned and paid for.

    Until the GOP can face down the VA, I really can’t say they are the party of small government, or have any sort of principles at work.

    BTW: 3.5 million Americans receive monthly disability checks—from the VA. How did that number get so big? Do I smell taxpayer rip-off?

    All that said, I I think Obamacare is a health plan designed to benefit the industry. not consumers. It will cost a ton.

    1. You could make the same point about TRICARE – the Us military healthcare for dependents.

      why not just give them voucher also and let them go out and get whatever kind they want on the open market?

      ObamaCare is going to have a lot of people paying for insurance who were not able to get it before and it will have huge risk pools that will keep prices lower but it will depend on how many people who will buy it but won’t use it heavily.

      People without insurance, get health care. We do not turn anyone away from getting medical care. The issue is who pays for medicare care for the uninsured because it’s not free and someone does pay.

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