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Discussion: (12 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    And for the same reason as Obamacare. It was approved by voters and legislators based on deceit — in this case lies about the actual costs and sources of funds.

    1. “Don’t like the bullet train? Win an election.”

      1. The judge’s decision is to the effect that the state was not following the law as passed. If they want to build as currently proposed, they’ll need to win an election of their own. Good luck with that.

  2. High speed rail and light rail are make-work projects for union-controlled construction companies- in other words, the Democrat Party’s fund-raising arm.

    These projects are in effect, kickbacks.

    “Elect me, and I’ll funnel billions of dollars to you so you can build a toy train no one wants to ride.”

  3. Another of Jerry’s Pork Barrel Fantasies…

  4. Todd Mason

    What would be the best use of $20B to $30B? Why don’t we we multiply it by 100 and let banks park it at the Fed to earn interest? That should be good for three, four jobs.

    Five words you wish you’d hear from a R: I have a better idea…. One word you hear instead: No.

    1. They could finish the 710 to Pasadena, they could finish Foothill South. With the remaining 90% of the money, everyone could get free cake and ice cream. Of course, it’s all borrowed money anyway, so maybe better to not borrow.

    2. Yet another Larry g like comment from his intellectual twin.

  5. Mark Fisher

    The “better” idea is not heavy “rail” that require heavy tractors (engines) and thereby necessitate a lengthy “runway” to attain speeds necessary to activate maglev but smaller mini bus (20-40 passenger) “capsules” that operate in partial vacuum tubes buried along routes (for enhanced protection from terrorists and the elements). Leviatated on maglev in reduced friction environment and powered by compressed air they would depart in short intervals more like plane traffic allowing greater user flex rather than the 500-600 passenger requirement that HSR would need. Low emission power source accumulated using “green solar” and stored as compressed air as byproduct of maintaining partial vacuum.


  6. Mark Fisher

    It’s just the matter of removing the “vision” of rails and seeing it as bullets firing off using smaller commuter jet sized capsules every 10-15 minutes as prior departures clear the appetures that maintain the low vacuum zones and return to low vac status. Smaller unit capacity allows frequent departures, removal for maint. & repair; reallocation to high demand routes during peak demand; spreads use over time maximizing user convenience and system ability to handle intermediate and long routes. Speed attained nears airflight speeds without navigation and other craft avoidance/ATC needs while providing perfect compliment to solar energy tech and conversion into compressed air storage allows “vertical” in line solution to problem of “energy banking”that solar and other green production face.

    And it’s not “new” but the pneumatic “train” actually worked and was constructed in NYC (if memory serves.. Google it) failing SOLELY because 19th Century mechanical systems not efficient or reliable enough. e.g. leather baffles and seals. But it still worked just like the tube you use at the bank for drive thru…


  7. Ann in L.A.

    We should be doing everything we can to encourage freight rail, not passenger rail. It’s a much more efficient way of using rails.

  8. “Authority failed to follow voter-approved requirements designed to prevent reckless spending on the $68 billion project”…

    Ha! Ha! That’ll happen the same day Jerry Brown grows a brain

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