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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. MattCurtis

    I have a feeling this “Obama’s Low Wage Jobs Recovery” title will be parroted by many who will not read the bit about this being a 24 year trend of low-wage recoveries, thus ignoring actual causation.

  2. chattyone

    I’m degreed and approaching 60 years old, been down-sized multiple times in various sectors over the last 15 years (last one in, first one out). It has taken me 10 years to earn what I did 25 years ago. The bad news is houses, gas & food are 4x’s more expensive and my retirement fund worth 1/10th of projected. : /

  3. NewEnglandDevil

    In addition to the disparity in low vs. med/high wage jobs during the recovery, I believe there is also a significant difference in FT vs. PT jobs, and I don’t believe the linked study addresses that. It would make the jobs picture even more dismal.

    1. MattCurtis

      Part-time jobs are slightly down from four years ago. All recent job growth has been full-time and private sector.


    I’m so glad I spent 6 years getting an accounting degree when I would probably have been better off at home with my child! Now I have student loan debt AND no job! Thanks big business!

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