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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Razil Bathbone

    Why is Obama visiting Israel: He doesn’t know. It’s probably something Val Jarrett has told him to do to throw some credibility towards his bogus pseudo-support for Israel! And rest assured, when something dastardly happens in the region, it’ll be said he tried! It’ll be said he gave it his best attempt at diplomacy and those trouble making Israeli’s just couldn’t grasp his vision, as-in their surrender wasn’t timely enough, or some such thing. Israel will be at the mercy of Baraka, with his complete/comprehensive and [phoney] knowledge of middle eastern politics and it will be said his solutions were simply not heeded, hence the resultant situation …

  2. Yeah let’s bomb Iran that’s the answer! Make the Iranian people hate the west more,the citizens will back the regime even stronger making the mullahs stronger in defiance.How bout we mind our own business and take care of our own backyard for a change.

  3. Well they kind of are in our backyard if they are a nuclear threat!!!

  4. Max Planck

    The bleating of a murderess. How fitting on the 10th anniversary of the worst strategic blunder this country made in 40 years.

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