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  1. Robert puharic

    Hmm…the president is seen as ‘weak’? Where? The foreign policy of conservatives is recklessly cavalier, taking us abroad in search of dragons to slay.

    If Syria is the worst debacle in this administration, I’ll take that over the 3 trillion dollar, 4400 US dead catastrophe conservatives led us into during the last administration.

    1. Oh, now it’s $3 trillion. Why not use bajillion, puharic? It’s no more made up than $3 trillion.

      And of course no conservative ever took us “abroad in search of dragons to slay.”

  2. Syria is the worst? How about snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory in Iraq just so he could say he pulled us out of Iraq. The same Iraq that he now says we have to form partnerships with. Or how about Afghanistan. 75% of the US deaths there are under Obama, even though we spent more time there under Bush. Did you forget about the debacle in Libya? Or Egypt? Or the fact that Putin finds Obama to be a laughingstock? What about Ukraine? Poland? Cuba? You are clueless and naive.

    1. It’s a special kind of stupid that can say “the right got us into both these wars.” I remember an attack on Sept. 11, 2001, that got us directly into one of these wars. Maybe you’ve forgotten it. More likely you’re just a reprehensible liar. But seriously, do you think anyone can take your statement and not see its obvious dishonesty?

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