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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. There’s plenty of lemmings who bow their heads and say, “yes, massa”

  2. lessthantolerant

    America is doomed, we are commiting suicide by stupidity and ignorance, We have elevated the poor and minorities as actual contributers to our growth.

    Let us all hope for economic collaspe so that we can rise from the ashes and begin hunting liberals and other traitors to America as the vermin they are.

  3. The author of this article obviously has no interest or regard for building a renewable energy future. He no doubt regards man made climate change as so much nonsense. If we put the price on fossil fuels dictated by the external cost of climate change, the market would make direct subsidy to green industry far less necessary and Solyndras less likely. People like this writer find it easy to criticize Obama’s effort to have a green energy policy because they don’t even consider climate change.

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