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Discussion: (2 comments)

  1. By some accounts we are waging an effective economic war against Iran;

    I’m not sure why we even care about Iran. Let them isolate themselves. And what terror acts are they planning against whom? Or is it all just hot rhetoric from their politicians?

  2. dagbone

    This sure is a sticky problem.

    Sadly, we’ve already learned that “getting tough on _____” (fill in the blank–Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, whoever’s next, and on and on ad infinitum) doesn’t work either. To believe otherwise is as irrational as believing that if we crack down hard enough on drugs, people will stop using them.

    About the only silver lining I can find in the Iraq war is this: we’ve demonstrated that the government of just about any country on earth serves at the pleasure of the US government/military. We can and will impose “regime change” if the stakes are high enough. No sane human being can argue otherwise. Unfortunately, we can’t always protect ourselves against the occasional act of insanity because the wars have also proven, ironically, that we can’t “force” others to behave themselves.

    So, GregO may have a point… We’ve tried so many strategies with these people, from diplomacy to sanctions to the mightiest punishment our military can deliver, and all have failed to guarantee cooperation. We may now have no other choice but to ignore them until they actually cross the line and commit a significant act.

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