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  1. Max Planck

    As long as Mr. Romney flatly refuses to define his policies are, I’m afraid you’re going to have to live with the speculation of what he WILL raise to pay for what is a symbolic cut in marginal rates. The elimination of tax free status of municipal bonds will be far more deleterious to the nation’s welfare, for example, than a piddling hike in marginal rates- which again, offer HIGHER levels of deductibility for the well off.

  2. Pseudonym

    Getting rid of the exclusion of interest on tax-exempt bonds would just raise the cost of borrowing for the bond issuer, shifting the financial burden on to municipalities and their typically more regressive tax structures.

  3. Tom Feisel

    How about this for a tax plan that really neither candidate is talking about. Generate more revenue by creating more tax payers. More people working = more people paying taxes = more Federal revenue. Even with the Obama plan to tax the rich we will still see the middle class hurt in the long haul as the tax burden of the wealthy gets passed down one way or another. If we want the middle class “beefed up” then we need to get more fo them back to work in full time jobs.

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