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  1. Ryan contradicts himself to a degree in his statement that “The idea that these entrepreneurs owe all their success to some government bureaucrat or some centralized planner just defies reality.” It is TRUE that we do not owe our success to a bureaucrat, but WE are the centralized planner when we have a business. No business can be successful without the mind of the individual who plans and has the vision for the business. Everything start in the mind of the business owner, and this is the case in all business that is successful. Of course there are contributions from employees and colleagues, but in truly successful entrepreneurial efforts, it is the mind of a central planner where everything is germinated. The central planner is the entrepreneur.

    While Obama made a terrible and revealing faux pas, without question, Ryan also shows some vulnerability in his rebuttal. Also, his making these bizarre anarchistic references to “statism” is not really kidding anyone, especially in the conflation of these radical notions with the mythical “Reagan Revolution”. Will these awful, disingenuous and ideological mysticisms never cease in politics? This is why the Republican Party is just not believable any more. It has become a parody of itself, of cartoon proportions. Honest business people no longer have a Party.

    Reagan sold out small business to the mega-corporations using the taxpayers money, giving the multi-nationals subsidies paid for from the hard work of Americans, this was a defacto regulation of small business out of the equation, it gave the big corporations all kinds of special treatments at the expense of small business and local markets, turbo-charging this march into Oligarchy that was started under Reagan.

    Don’t be fooled. Ryan represents the same Oligarchs that Obama represents.. He just uses a different set of archetypal images to psych you up for the death march.

    1. Speaking of disingenous, your interpretation of Paul Ryan’s statement is significantly off the mark. He’s using the term “centralized planner” as a synonym for government bureaucrat. Your the first person I’ve ever seen interpret that term as a synonym for entrepreneur. In any event, Paul Ryan was clearly not impugning business owners. As to your other point about all politicians at some level stealing the production of business-owners, can’t really argue with that. That said, if my choice is between a guy at a 10 out of 10 on the big-government scale and a guy at a 6 out of 10, I’m going with the guy at a 6 out of 10.

    2. Although I would never use the term “centralized planner” for a business owner, there is a big difference between centralized planning done by a government through the use of force and planning of business activities in which the involvement of the participants is voluntary.

      Your objection to the term “statism” should at least be presented with an alternative. What do you call those who believe in the absolute power of the state?

      1. shorething

        in a word a$$holes

  2. The only “entrepreneurs” Obama knows are people like Immelt & that claque he appointed to his so-called jobs council. The poor dolt wouldn’t recognize a real job creator since he never had a job himself.

    1. Susan Coman

      I heard today that he’s had one meeting with his jobs council since January — but has managed to squeeze in more than 100 fundraisers in that same time period.

      1. Michael L. Farrey

        How many more jobs bills would you like him to introduce only to have the dipshit traitor Republicans in the house and senate blaock them?

        1. You comment exemplifies the problem. Government does not and cannot produce jobs. It is a burden on the economy and always will be. Jobs bills are the product of the same falacy that produces socialism. A system which always and everywhere, fails.

          1. Michael L. Farrey

            Of course you would say that using your narrow minded self-serving explanation. Look to the past and tell me what we have done. What have we built? The wealthy have been screwing the worker until now they own almost everything. Too bad for them, they now also own the bills that they had created since they have controlled the government purse strings, the same control they had over the government enabled them to gather the wealth they have while extracting it from other Americans that were busy working hard and raising families not concentrating on grabbing everything they can by hook or crook or by any many times immoral means. It’s time to pay back the American people buy paying their fair share of taxes and slow the ability for them to extract the wealth of other working families by manipulating the game.!/photo.php?fbid=444521115578357&set=a.104419349588537.8042.104200886277050&type=1&theater

        2. Not even the democrats want to pass Obama’s bills. The Senate — run by Reid and other democrats — will do nothing and try to keep their jobs rather than pass a budget. Obama did not even get one vote from them for his budget. The House has tried to pass some legislation but it is always killed in the Senate.

          Show me where Obama has even tried to introduce any meaningful legislation — what’s the bill number and I’ll look it up? He couldn’t create a job at a lemonade stand and wouldn’t know a payroll report if I hit him over the head with it. Get that guy out of office — along with Reid and his cronies — and let’s get this country going again!

          1. Michael L. Farrey
        3. shorething

          or better yet harry reid could put the 30 jobs bills passed by the house up for a vote on the senate floor. our problem isn’t a do nothing congress (which most people think of as the house NOT the house AND senate) the problem is a do to much by executive fiat totus and a do nothing SENATE (no f’n budget for more than 1100 days) wake up man

        4. Donna Jean

          And how many more budgets would you like Congress to send to the Senate that that dipshit traitor Harry Reid won’t even allow to go to the floor? No budget in over 3 years! What the hell have the Democrats been doing? They wouldn’t even vote for Obama’s budget!

      2. Wayne Strand

        Let us not forget the 100 plus rounds of golf. The work council has turned out to be nothing more than a “blue ribbon panel” used by local politicians so they can say they are aware of a issue and addressing it yet we all know NOTHING ever comes from a blue ribbon panel. Does anyone really think anything will come from the work council.

  3. The fact is Ryan cannot evidently read and comprehend what he reads or hears. Obama never made the statement , he and Romney have taken it completely out of context. So there really is nothing to discuss. Ryan is trying to promote himself on the backs of the middle class and the poor, and he will say anything, even when he knows it is a lie.

    1. I didn’t just read the statement — I saw the entire clip — as I’m sure Congressman Ryan did. What Obama said needs no interpretation nor is it being taken out of context. It goes right in line with other things that he’s said and done since running for office — his words and actions tell the story. He’s only setting up and justifying the “redistribution of wealth” in this country, which is what he has said all along that he’s wanted to do. Since business owners, in his opinion, don’t really earn the money that they have — it will be easier for Obama to justify this transfer.

      The top 10% of the wage earners in this country pay 70.47% of the federal income tax revenue — while the bottom 50% pay 2.25%. Just what do you liberals think would be more fair?

      I’m not against a safety net and although liberals are constantly saying that conservatives want to shred and do away with it — I do not nor does any other business owner that I know. People who needs our care and help should get it — but thousands of people abuse the system and yearn for the day when they can live off of a government check. If you don’t believe it, I can introduce you to a few of them!

      1. shorething

        well stated, i’ve finally gotten over the guilt i felt being on gov’t dole, i never wanted to become disabled, but am glad i’d paid into ss disability insurance. i win, just like the guy who totaled his car but had insurance, lost his house to fire, flood, or whatever but had insurance etc. insurance is ONE thing you purchase and hope you never have to use it

        1. shorething — I’m not at all against people who are truly disabled getting social security disability — that’s what it’s there for. I have a brother who was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a traumatic brain injury and now draws disability. He never paid in near what he will collect out of the system — and that’s ok. We need to take care of people with those types of disabilities. The problem with what’s going on with SSI now is that 1 in 16 people are trying to collect it. I know dozens of people my age or younger drawing it and they are plenty capable of working. One family my daughter knows got every one of their kids on disability for asthma and now they work on cars and race motorcycles and cars. They could be working and choose not to. There are apparently millions of people who would rather be drawing a government check than working. The system will be broke in a few short years and people like you and my brother who depend on it and truly can’t work are the ones who are going to be hurt. Doing nothing is not an option — this is something that is going to have to be fixed and it may take a gutsy Paul Ryan to do it.

      2. Paraphrasing ( in a very Joe cool kind of voice)

        To small business owners.

        So you think you are so smart. I got news for you, there are a lot of smart people out there.

        So you think you have workded harder that other people. There are a lot of hard working people out there.

        And that business, you think you built that……you didnt build that…..again… didnt build that.

        I am small business owner who risked everything my wife and I had saved , begged and borrowed to get past the lean years and to reach a point where I provide employment for 30 people. I have never liked Obama but have held my criticisms to a minimum. Now the gloves are off. The man is as dishonest as they come. He’s a liar and he is ruining my country. For those that support the man please tell me how the comments noted above, said with a smartass unpresidential tone have been taken out of context. This man is a sophomore that looks good in a suit that has half the country bamboozled by his charisma. I might like him on American Idol but he sucks in the oval office.

        1. The biggest problem with Obama is that he thinks that government fuels economic expansion. I’m like you in that I’ve had a small (very small) business since 1979. Obama, nor most of his administration, have a clue what it takes to build a business. He’s right that without government building roads to my business I wouldn’t be able to have a business — but what he’s forgotten is that government DIDN’T BUILD THAT ROAD — taxpayers (individuals and businesses) did. Government doesn’t have any money that they didn’t get from us.

          1. JD Glick, JD

            “Federal spending is helping drive recovery of Paul Ryan’s hometown”:


            The point, all you who cheris a simplistic approach to issues that actually require a little deeper thought and analysis, is not that government “gets all its money from us”. The point is that, when it works best (which is often, government AT ALL LEVELS (including federal) reallocates tax money in ways that help many people, including business startups. More accurately, prudent and effective government programs take some people’s tax dollars and redistribute them to others, in ways that help those others. It’s just the circle of life, guys.

            Before you tell me that you’re against some people’s money being “given to” others, tell me that you never drive on a public road, or ride as a passenger on one, or fly, or ever get medical treatment of any kind. (Your vaunted U.S. healthcare system — technically advanced albeit lacking in equality of access — provides you with modern treatments that result from publicly-schooled doctors, R&D out of many public universities, etc. This is not to say that government is the ONLY source of these things . . . only that it’s an essential component that you, blinded by your ideology, refuse to recognize.

            The money flows back and forth, and around and around, just as it does in the larger economy as a whole — and just as it does in ANY economy.

            When I hit hard times through little or no fault of my own, I was kept going by Foodshare and Medicaid. Plenty of people just like yourselves find themselves high and dry all the time, or out of their homes. If that ever happens to you, you’ll now benefit from MY tax contributions to programs that will help you. . . and I’m HAPPY to contribute.

            It is also simply NOT TRUE that the stimulus funds were a failure. It’s nowhere near that simple.

            Lastly, to be completely accurate, it is also not true that government generates no revenue of its own. User fees in national parks are one example; there are many others.

            -JD Glick, JD

    2. Chris Olufsen

      I will say that Obama is just a big lie. That is all he can say.

      1. Chris, Chris, Chris.

        You’re about to have a guy on the ticket who wants to be taken seriously as a policy guy. He was introduced on Saturday by Romney, who was introduced by Gov. McDonnell — a guy who said that Ryan is a man of integrity who doesn’t stoop to the level of others. And yet McDonnell dished out the same crap that Romney continues to (and is selling t-shirt about), and which you choose to . . . evan after having four full weeks to get ahold of a transcript and see what Obama ACTUALLY said. (

        Ryan wants to be taken seriously? He’s a man of integrity? Why does he hang around with the likes of McDonnell and Romney? Obama’s comments addressed the fundamental refusal of Republicans to acknowledge that no venture, big or small, exists without some contribution from some level of government, significant infrastructure, public education, and many other individuals. No “self made man” is ever, really, entirely self made.

        The serious discussion to be had is about the best way to forge the public-private partnerships that will be essential not only to our prosperity, but to our survival, in the coming world of scarcity and turmoil.

        Do you want to be taken seriously, Chris? Then start by not quoting other people’s selective paraphrases as gospel renditions of fact.

        1. ChcgoRealst

          I love reading the ramblings of the unnerved socialist. It’s almost as if they truly believe the garbage they write. Paul Ryan is a model citizen saturated with integrity. The democratic party has done nothing but try and stain this man. The common man is smart enough to realize the demo party will always trash someone for thinking different, especially if the view undermines theirs.

  4. PeterGeorge

    Romney and the Republicans should be cautious about this. Anyone who has not already decided who to vote for is likely to recognize the basic truth that infrastructure, an educated work force, the rule of law, etc. ARE, in fact, an important part of individual success. If Romney and Republicans are perceived as denying this, they’re toast.

    Instead, I think it would have been better to come out and say, “Of course we understand what Obama was saying, although he said it in a very confusing way. But we also understand that he says things like this to imply that conservatives don’t believe in any government at all, which is utterly false. And he says these things because, obviously, he believes that going forward we don’t need more smart decisions, more hard work, more initiative. We just need more government.

    Republicans believe that we need government. But at this point in history we need better government, not more, and it is essential that we encourage and reward smart decisions, hard work, and individual initiative…

    You get the idea. Don’t argue semantics and appear to be denying a basic truth that voters understand perfectly well, however badly it is expressed. Concede that the “gaffe” was just poor wording – and then go after the president’s real meaning, and use it as a “teaching moment” to score points for the philosophy of freedom that he was really attacking.

    1. Mike Haubrich

      Great point Peter. I absolutely agree that we need to win the hearts and minds of the undecided and that is done by careful distinctions rather than what could appear as extreme positions.

      I heard a more accurate description of Obama as a social justice anti capitalist rather than socialist – a distinction that more people can accept than the hard label of socialist. In the end, there are similarities in the policies of both the socialist and social justice, anti capitalist and it is those policies that we need to articulate rather than personalities.

    2. shorething

      well stated. zer0’s a legend in his own mind, and to his 0bots. funny how Mitt didn’t react to the attacks on him (vampire, felon, etc) but once zer0 went after small business owners, Mitt was po’d and went on the attack. i wasn’t a Mitt supporter at first but like him more each day.
      ps I hope his wife Ann’s horse wins a gold medal for USA

  5. apoorboy

    Obama thinks the government earned the money to build the infrastructure and educate employees? I have news for someone who has never run as much as a lemonade stand. The government didn’t earn that!

  6. Who do you think provides the jobs most Americans have? The private sector. The owners of small and large businesses risk their money, time, effort, etc. to start a business and keep this country going. They even have to pay for those employed by the government because the government does not have any money except what they take from others. Just try to imagine a country where citizens won’t take the initiative and risk to start a business. Look at the countries where the government owns everything and take from the workers. Do Americans want a country like that? (Think Cuba,) Lots of businesses fail but the government doesn’t come in and prop them up (except for the failed stimulus money under Obama). Our family had a successful construction business in the 70’s when Carter’s recession hit and we could not continue. We need to get rid of all the people in government who think businesses are the result of government. The first one who needs to go is Obama.

    1. You guys STILL haven’t corrected this?

      Fox reads page one of a Supreme Court decision, reports that they’ve struck down the individual mandate. (Wet their pants so bad they didn’t take the time to read page two.)

      Fox, AEI, Paul Ryan et al skip to “page two” — “You didn’t build that”. (So intent are THEY on caricaturing their opposition that they burned “page one” — the prelude, and actual point, of what Obama said that day.)

      Journalistic Code of Ethics: Fox (and friends) haven’t read a word of it.

      This is all I have to say about the substantive issue:

      -JD Glick, JD
      (from the once-proud state of Wisconsin)

      1. shorething

        sounds like you ought to move to the (gay) proud state of californication

  7. Obama’s comment was right! Businesses should think about it! Without the people there would be no businesses! Without your teacher or anyone else u would not be able to be so clever to run a business ! Every human being begins with learning from other people . You can’t do it by your own managers! Don’t forget about that! And if you hae a bigger company you can’t run it without people! MANAGERS FORGET ABOUT THAT! YOU ALWAYS THINK IT IS YOUR OWN WORK AND REPUBLICANS , TOO.

  8. Donna Jean

    Who the hell does he think paid the taxes that built the roads and bridges and everything else! Hell yes, Obama! We DID build that!

    1. JD Glick, JD

      It’s no wonder that the GOP has such traction with its supporters. It speaks in shorthand, and they think in shorthand . . . when they’re willing to think at all. Perfect fit.

      So, by your logic, Donna et al, I suppose we should just eliminate taxes entirely (at every level of government), and just have each person pay HIMSELF the money they would have paid the government. Fascinating idea. Please provide more details on how that would work.

      E.g., under that approach, HOW exactly would the interstate highway system have come about? (You know: That thing, without which McDonald’s would’ve never grown beyond a handful of locations.)

      We’re doomed unless and until all of you stop insisting upon looking at all government as a “them” versus “us”. If you’re too lazy to become informed, then please don’t bother ever voting. You’re not responsible enough to be entrusted with that privilege.

      1. Ahh, the favorite tactic of the leftist, the straw-man argument, finally comes out. Thanks JD, I didn’t realize conservative/libertarian is the equivalent of anarchist. I also didn’t realize there were no businesses prior to the introduction of the interstate highway system. Who knew that human beings were still living like cavemen in 1948? You’re very quick to throw around insults about how educated others are. You might want to read a little bit about individualism and conservative economic philosophy before you dismiss our entire point of view. I’m guessing you’re not going to do that, so I’ll give it to you in a brief synopsis: political and economic power rightly belongs to the individual, not the collective. In a society based on individual rights, power is decentralized and economic decisions are made by those most knowledgeable about what it is they derive their happiness from. Therefore, economic expansion proceeds at a maximal pace. We understand that government is necessary in order to protect individual rights. That is why there is an army, a police force, a judicial system, etc. What we object to, however, is the contention that government exists as a redistributive power to ensure “social justice”, however that is to be arbitrarily defined by whatever thug manages to get himself onto power. We oppose collectivism for two main reasons: 1. it leads to stagnant economic growth and, more importantly, 2. it cannot even be implemented except through force and, therefore, invariably results in totalitarianism. Individualism, capitalism, free markets and democracy are not perfect and we understand this. People will suffer as they have since man has existed (although I will say that the wealth created by free markets over the course of human history has alleviated a tremendous amount of human suffering). However, they are far, far preferable to the alternative.

        1. JD Glick, JD


          I was, for the moment, addressing myself to Donna.

          Also, FYI, I have been primarily addressing the flagrant misrepresentation of what Obama said. Disagree all you want with his philosophy of government, or his programs, but don’t be like the movie ad that quotes Roger Ebert as saying, “A sensational film”, when what he really said in his review was, “This might have been a sensational film, if it hadn’t been underbudgeted, and they’d hired a competent director, screenwriter or Director of Photography.” The “You didn’t build that” drumbeat is no different.

          You clealy know more than the average moron who comments on these sites. The sweeping pronouncements they make, based on nothing more than others’ misrepresentations, are horrifying.

          1. Donna Jean

            It is not misrepresenting Obama. He said “You didn’t build that!” Well, pardon me, but, yes, I did! I paid the taxes that built roads and bridges! I paid taxes that paid the wages for teachers and policemen! I paid taxes that pay the wages of all the dipshits in Washington! So, Sir, Yes, I did do that!

          2. Donna, were you paying taxes in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the Interstate Highway system was built?

            Did you go to public school? Did you pay taxes while you were going to public school?

            Were you paying taxes during WWII when those taxes paid for the military action that defeated the Axis powers?

            If you were not paying taxes during those times, then the quote is correct, “you didn’t build that”. Someone else built it and you got the benefits of it.

            Now those who accrued the benefits that earlier generations paid for with taxes, blood, sweat, tears, and even with their lives want to not pay those benefits forward to future generations of Americans. Why? Because they are greedy, selfish SOBs, ready to say “screw you” to everyone who is not like them.

        2. Thing is, this whole argument Ryan is making is a strawman argument. It’s based on quote-mined, distorted interpretation of what Obama said.

        3. Jesse, THAT was an excellent synopsis of conservatism. One of the best I’ve ever read. Kudos.

      2. Donna Jean

        Where did you see anything that says I don’t think we should pay taxes. Maybe you need to stop reading what you want to see, and start reading what I wrote!

        1. JD Glick, JD

          Donna dearest, the logical extension of your Pavlovian hate-government tripe is the idea that government serves no purpose, that it’s merely a dispensable middleman between “your” money and the things that it can build (when pooled collectively with that of many other people).

          What, did the nasty man hurt your widdle feelings, by not acknowledging that some of that money came from you? Boo hoo. It doesn’t need acknowledging; it should be obvious — as is the point that not everything of value comes [solely] through the unassisted efforts of private business people.

          That should be a non-controversial point, but in their blind rage against anything they stupidly deem “socialist” (without having a clue what the term means), the GOP and Tea Party make genuine discussion about the role of government impossible. Some basic, remedial Civics classes are needed.

          Obama’s only point was that

          1. Donna Jean

            I’m not arguing with an idiot! You drink Obama’s kool-ade and are happy to remain ignorant. Fine by me. Follow the fools off the cliff.

          2. Donna Jean

            I don’t regret the fact that I pay taxes. I do regret the wasteful way Washington is spending them. My taxes may not have built the roads and bridges, but, they sure as hell pay for the upkeep of them! You sound like you want a socialist government. No thanks. It’s impossible to have a conversation with you when your only response is scarcasm. You, sir, serve the democrats well.

        2. Donna Jean — I understand your frustration with responses to your comments. I think that many of them just start spouting their liberal ideas without reading the previous comments or knowing anything about business. They remind me of the ad where the guy said “I played a brain surgeon on tv once.” This is about all some of these guys know about business — what their professor told them in college or what they heard on MSNBC!

          1. Agreed, Susan! Well said…as was Donna Jean’s comment “follow the fools off the cliff”. Seriously, I don’t even get my panties in a wad when I read liberals statements anymore – they’re rude, obnoxious and arrogant 98% of the time…like an annoying fly you just want to shoo away.

    2. Love your comment!

      1. Donna Jean — Loved your comment — obviously not Glick’s!

        1. Donna Jean

          Thank you Susan. Some people, you just can’t reason with, because they have lost the ability to reason.

    3. This is part of Obama’s point: the entrepreneur did not do it alone; we all did it together, and the entrepreneur takes advantage of the parts that we did together. Paying taxes is how we finance our collective action.

      It is misinterpreting what Obama said to portray it as though he meant entrepreneurs did nothing and owe everything to society or government or someone else. It’s dishonest to continue propagating that mis-interpretation. The following is also part of the context of the “didn’t build that” phrase:

      “The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

      1. Donna Jean

        Yes, we as a country succeed because we work together. We also get out as much as we put in. If I work twice as hard as you, and therefore make twice as much as you, should I give you some of what I worked for? How do you figure I owe you anything? Sounds like a socialist utopia to me.

        1. You owe me what we all owe each other — support of our common best interest. This is not “socialist” anything, though it is social.

          I myself am an entrepreneur, and work another job besides. I don’t expect you to give me, personally, anything. But I do expect you to contribute your fair share to our common good. Pay your taxes; don’t harm your neighbors; work hard; be honest; leave the world a better place than you found it. That’s our duty to ourselves and to each other. That’s what I expect of myself and my fellow citizens to contribute. That’s what I’d call a social responsibility, but it’s not “socialism” and it’s not a “utopia.” It’s just what I expect. Yes, even of you.

  9. wilfrid forgue

    How convenient!
    That Paul Ryan, the spending Hawk.
    During the Bush’s administration that guy voted for every piece of legistion that involved spending. Prescription drugs, 2 wars, tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires, the tarp, the auto bailout, stimulus for his constituency, and on and on and on……
    Now we have a black president all of sudden spending becomes a crime in his peabrain. These ignorant racist republicans know well the spending had to occur to repair the disastrous damage they had inflicted on the country during their 8 years tenure of nothing but incompetence. On day one republican congress including that lowlife Newt Gingrich plotted to destroy the Obama’s administration. What wrong with the american constitution is the 3 branches of government which makes it impossible for one branch by itself to govern. Obama has done nothing wrong. The republican congress stalled the economy so the black guy doesn’t get reelected. The republicans would go through lengths to elect a liar for president just so they remove the black guy out of the white house as simple as that. Shame on you “republican America” you guys are going around push democracy on other countries and here in your own country you’re propelling voter suppression on minorities just because you’re suspected that you might not get their votes come November. You are not only hypocrite you are racist to the core. That dumb black guy Allen West got it all backward. Instead of 80 communists in the democratic congress he failed to recognize that we have a “white supremacist” republican congress in its totality. They hate blacks and they hate minority period specially a minority in charge. What’s up republicans? Election doesn’t matter any more?

    1. So Allen West is not legitimately black but a half-white guy raised by his 100% white grandparents going to an elite private school in Hawaii is? Yeah, that makes sense. Fail.

      Oh and just to clarify, the constitution is intentionally designed to separate powers between the branches precisely because we don’t want leftist garbage telling everyone else how to live their lives. What you are advocating is a dictatorship. No thanks.

    2. @ wilfrid forgue-why in the world would you make a political conversation about race???? GOOD GRACIOUS!!!

      1. Donna Jean

        Thank you Leslie

    3. At the turn of the 19th Century unemployment among whites was higher than blacks. 112 years later, after an endless number of “labor laws” have been enacted at the behest of unions and other Democrat friends, the figures are reversed. Those of us who actually study the history and report it are then termed “racists” by the beneficiaries of all the democrat laws. I have great respect for blacks who have prospered through all this but I have no guilt in my heart for the results only sadness that the causes are ignored.

  10. It is interesting to check the differences between obama’s and romney sponsors… if you check, obama is pretty much sponsored by important universities, while romney is sponsored by dark companies…

    check obama’s ,

    and romney’s ,,

    contributors… and then see the difference

    I know obama will not be the best… but… at least there are no dark interest behind him and he promotes national products

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