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  1. The income tax taxes and therefore restricts production. We need to increase production. The Fairtax taxes consumption, the thing that America is really good at.
    Sen. Lee just modifies an inefficient revenue collection system to retain the social engineering attributes of the federal tax code.

  2. Parents do get a tax cut if they are not rich. They get the $1000 per child, child tax credit, as well as a $3900 exemption for each kid (worth at least 585 dollars) plus they will help with the maximums for welfare benefits.

    I agree though, we might want to do more to incentive’s raising kids. At the moment we give kids all this training in 7th grade how awful having kids is, and the miracle of abortion, how you don’t need to have a steady partner if you use good birth control. And then we wonder why no one gets married and has kids.

    So I would change the education first, and then offer a bigger break to parents. I know of old retired folk who like to complain about paying taxes to schools when they no longer have kids in school. They don’t realize that having a working population, and regenerating this population with new kids who continue to work and create goods and services that Seniors need, is what allows them to sit home on their *sses and retire in the first place. No kids, no more sitting on your *ss. Japan has this problem and it has caused the retirement age to go up to 71 average, the highest in the world (compared to 62 average in the USA)

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