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  1. […] Analyst Michael Rubin believes he is simply the wrong man for the job:  […]

  2. Maybe it is to neutralize him as a potential candidate for 2012?

  3. Give USMC General John Allen credit for the Al Anbar success, he was the man on the ground that made that effort a success and replacing Petraeus with Allen in AfPak is probably a good thing for our beleaguered troops there!

  4. Michael Rubin, if Patraeus is the wrong choice then are you the right choice?

  5. […] others are not so sure. Critics of Petraeus, and of the president especially, tend to have their doubts. These […]

  6. […] is right to highlight the contributions Petraeus made to the United States and its security. He messed up badly in Iraq when he commanded the 101st Airborne based out of Mosul, but he learned from his mistakes. […]

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