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  1. chris whited

    What gets me is that the news media in order to save their “arab spring” skins have completely overlooked the circumstances of the overthrow in egypt.

    Morsi and the muslim brotherhood were CONSOLIDATING POWER in order to make any future elections (if they were even to be actualy held) moot issues.

    hitler was LEGALLY THROUGH DEMOCRACY, put into power. Should he have stayed in power?

    you can’t be bitching about the muslim brotherhood and fundamental islamic control, then turn around and bitch about his ouster. THEN BE ALL FOR Syrian aid, and atleast somewhat being for Libyan action on the sly.

    This is probably why we should have never gotten into this mess in the first place. TOO LATE NOW, we opened our mouths and played the 1 billion aid card and look at what folks got for it………….MORSI ……who didn’t see this coming? Said this from day 1, with the radicals willing to use force, mayhem and destruction. GUNS very well might be what solves this. So far it’s going right along those lines.

    and the trick is that you can’t just lop off the military, because who’ll block the radicals willing to use force?

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