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  1. There is extremely great irony that he would have anything at all to say about corruption, when he himself is the titular head of perhaps the most corrupt administration the country has ever seen.

    Moreover, the corruption as it exists and as concerns foreign trade is almost always because of top down, socialistically inclined government. Usually the President of African countries gives a sweetheart deal to some international corporation in trade for a sweetener for himself and his family. And of course, this is precisely the style of government that Barry encourages. As is usually the case, Barry is blind to the irony because he is blind
    to the fact that he and the style of government he promotes are the very causes of the problems of the system

    1. The far from perfect pres. of Rwanda is closer to the truth than Barry is. He (Rwandan pres.) calls for western corporations to invest more in the infrastructure of Africa, both to facilitate getting resources to market, and to leave Africa better off for the trade. He points to Chinese countries doing what he asks, whereas the Western companies seem to prefer dealing with the socialists in a rape pillage and plunder fashion that strengthens the president or dictator in charge, leaves the people little if any better off. The marketplace left free would provide a more equitable distribution of wealth than the socialist style governments that Barry likes. Note that even here, it is dividing along the lines of those politically connected to a corrupt government who tend to be better off, while those not connected are more likely to have wealth stagnated or declining.

  2. Seattle Sam

    Can it possibly be the case that the president does not see the connection between such centralized decision-making and the institutionalization of corrupt practices?

    Seriously? Of course he understands this. What do you think he learned in Chicago and Washington?

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