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Discussion: (2 comments)

  1. o’bama is just a puppet. He doesn’t really run the country so he doesn’t need to know what’s up.
    That HAS to be the thoughts of the “counsel” if they didn’t think it worth him knowing that.

  2. 1775Concord

    I don’t think many people believe that Obama didn’t know about it. In fact, the majority of independent or right (vs leftist) opinion is that Obama was behind it…and he surely approved of this behavior, as exemplified by his saying to Hispanics last fall that they should punish their enemies; and his deriding of Americans (and Christians) with his recorded remark that those bitter people would cling to their guns and religion.
    And is Obama guilty of manslaughter for allowing Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans to die, as he not only failed to protect them when they were asking for help, but of creating a phony story to cover his actions?

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