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  1. yeah.. if sugar imports were wide open, it would be cheap enough to make ethanol out of it far cheaper than US corn , eh?

    hell.. we could turn South America into the Saudi Arabia of US oil, er fuel, imports and tell the Canadians to go put their pipeline where the light don’t shine!


    1. Jon Murphy

      Probably could. Brazilian ethanol is considerably cheaper than US, even with the subsidies. Not sure how much “healthier” sugar ethanol is compared to corn (I mean that from the POV of the engine).

      1. @Jon – as they say – “sugar is sugar”….

        I wonder what the actual marginal cost of a gallon of ethanol is – that is made from Brazilian sugar cane….

      2. If it is pure ethanol the engine will never know. The things that are left in in making rum are filtered out, just like the things that corn adds to whiskey are filtered out for its ethanol.
        Of course in the medium term this would mean that the evil Cuba could do much better, as it is an ideal place for sugar cane.

  2. SeattleSam

    Face it. When someone like Senator Rubio can be bought by sugar producers, you don’t stand a chance of beating them.

    1. Kris Rosvold

      How much could the purchase of Rubio cost? $100 ? The “man” has all the morals and honesty of a weasel (no offense intended to the weasel family).

      1. no worse than that idiot nelson

  3. Combined with corn subsidies, It also drove soda companies and many food processors to substitute HFCS to control costs, leading, imo, to worse tasting and less healthy products.

  4. Follow the money – how many campaign bribes are from the domestic sugar industry?

  5. Hooray

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