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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. JMWinPR

    Considering the fact that “Prepare for the common defense” is in the Preamble of the Constitution, I would venture that it takes precedence over DEA, DOE both
    energy and education, EPA, and a whole host of other alphabets. As the failure of the Dept of State to represent the interests of the US, their budget could go to the DOD

    1. bobbymike

      ‘Provide’ for the Common Defense. But I do agree that as a nation we could easily afford 5% of GDP or $850 billion for the baseline DOD budget. An extra $350 billion could easily support both the force size and modernization we need.

  2. Our “national security” outlays are largely wasteful, no surprise—we are discussing public agencies with decades of ossification setting in.
    Lifetime pensiln and medical after just 20 years of employment? French railway workers would blush at that…

  3. bobbymike


    What is the ‘net cost’ of the DOD budget? If you deducted all corporate, corporate employee and DOD employee taxes paid minus the DOD budget what is the ‘net cost’ to the nation?

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