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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. Michael Cavallaro

    Any US military action in Syria would be driven by purely political motives, not by humanitarian concerns. The next time John McCain wants to lean on the President about Syria Obama can just say he already tried but Congress wouldn’t help. Good strategy.

  2. Michael Cavallaro

    For people on the right and on the left, whatever this President does or doesn’t do, he will be wrong.

  3. Michael Cavallaro

    Isn’t Syria still within the Russian sphere of influence? Don’t they have a naval base there? Perhaps we should be seeking diplomatic solutions through them.

  4. opinion maker

    Obama drags his feet over Syria and takes advantage of dysfunction of congress by selling them an unconvincing case for the use of military action so he can come back and say the American people and the people of the world don’t want this and who are we to not listen to them and their elected representation.

  5. Michael Cavallaro

    And now the Russians are involved. What a difference a day makes.

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