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  1. What is it about the word “broke” do you neoconservatism not understand? This country has no money, neither for entitlement programs nor for military adventures that are not a result a direct attack on the United States. The polls have shown over Syria that the majority of the American people do not want unnecessary wars in the Middle East.

    George Washington, John Adams, and many of the founders warned us about getting entangled in foreign conflicts. It isn’t our responsibility to police the world. Plus, even if it was we can’t afford it, and republicans and democrats have proved the government is unable to use our military effectively to fight terrorism, and that’s because terrorism is nothing the wars we’ve fought in the past. It’s not based on a state or a rational ideology, it is fueled by an irrational interpretation of a religion and is transnational.

    We need to use a more micro approach that makes use of drones and special forces, and is cost effective. The War in Iraq was a strategic blunder that removed a counter balance to Iran, lost us a trillion dollars and 4000 American soldiers, and opened up the oil fields to the Chinese.

    Rand Paul is absolutely correct. Don’t make the mistake of thinking because Obama is unpopular that that automatically means America has forgotten the myopia of neo-conservatism.

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